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2019 Nov 10
Shared a Mixed Grill Plate ($22) and it was quite good. The meats here are mostly just okay. Potatoes, toum, and hummus all hit the spot. The star of the show is always the made-to-order pita here.

I also recommend the falafel, the cheese manakeesh, and the lentil soup!

2018 Sep 15
This place continues to be hit and miss (not to mention almost completely empty at lunch time). They still bring steaming hot fresh pita to the table while you await your food; I didn't have any this time though as I was already ordering manakeesh.

The menu is tricky here. Most items seem to be about 75% of what you would want to eat so you either go hungry or order two things and stuff yourself. I typically go for the second option.

The Lentil Soup ($6) includes a cracker of fried pita for texture and a generous bowl of hearty lentil soup. This was excellent and I look forward to having it again.

The Za'atar Manakeesh plus Cheese ($3.50 + $2) was not so great. I had enjoyed a wonderful Cheese Manakeesh for $5 during an earlier visit and I expected this to have a similar quantity of cheese. Not so! The cheese layer on this one was super thin (see pic). The end result was a dryish pie overwhelmed by za'atar. Next time I'll just get the cheese one because it was amazing!

2018 Apr 9
They opened for business yesterday and I visited for lunch today. Staff were still being trained but everything went quite smoothly. What I tasted is promising and I look forward to my next visit!

I had the Tabliyeh Saj Chicken Shawarma Platter ($12), which featured delicious crispy-tender chicken and shawarma ingredients wrapped up in thin saj bread (aka markook shrek). It was served on a wooden cutting board (tabliyeh) with pickled turnip, pickled cucumber, a cup of potent garlic sauce, and a pile of soft skin-on fries. These were not crispy fries but I enjoyed dipping them in the garlicky toum.

Overall, this was a pretty good dish, but I'd rather have salad, rice, and/or potatoes instead of the fries and I prefer pita to saj. Still, worth checking out!

2018 Apr 9
The truly magical differentiating factor here is the fresh in-house pita! They brought us this basket of puffed beauties while we were still pondering the menu.

Our only quibble was that the outside was dusted with quite a lot of flour. No big deal though, these are wonderful!