Pita Bread at Paramount Fine Foods
Paramount Fine Foods
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Apr 9
They opened for business yesterday and I visited for lunch today. Staff were still being trained but everything went quite smoothly. What I tasted is promising and I look forward to my next visit!

I had the Tabliyeh Saj Chicken Shawarma Platter ($12), which featured delicious crispy-tender chicken and shawarma ingredients wrapped up in thin saj bread (aka markook shrek). It was served on a wooden cutting board (tabliyeh) with pickled turnip, pickled cucumber, a cup of potent garlic sauce, and a pile of soft skin-on fries. These were not crispy fries but I enjoyed dipping them in the garlicky toum.

Overall, this was a pretty good dish, but I'd rather have salad, rice, and/or potatoes instead of the fries and I prefer pita to saj. Still, worth checking out!

Apr 9
The truly magical differentiating factor here is the fresh in-house pita! They brought us this basket of puffed beauties while we were still pondering the menu.

Our only quibble was that the outside was dusted with quite a lot of flour. No big deal though, these are wonderful!