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The Noodle House
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The Noodle House
The Noodle House
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May 4
Went for a nice takeout lunch yesterday! opted for the special rice paper pork spring rolls (I love these wrappers vs. the crispy ones) and was luckily enough to come in the afternoon dead zone and get the chance to watch them roll spring rolls for dinner service - It's truly an art!

The rice plate featuring grilled chicken and beef was fresh and delicious. The pickled onions and carrots really balanced the flavours offishsauce and lemongrass. Even the rice was perfectly cooked and deliciously flavoured by meat residue.

The food here is fresh and delicious. It's extremely dangerous that it is so close to my house - yum!

Mar 20
I wandered a little further past Somerset to check out the Noodle House on Gladstone and I assure you it was worth it.

They had posted their special on Instagram (Bo Kho) and I had to go and try it since this hearty beef stew with noodles is one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes and it might actually be the best I've ever eaten. The flavours were rich and spicy but not too overpowering. The carrots almost melted. Such a tasty treat that paired really nicely with a beer!

The pork spring rolls were nice and crisp and served with some fresh vegetable pickles on the side. The pork had some really nice lingering spice flavours and was just really enjoyable.

We opted for the Sate Rare Beef Pho and the amped up chili version of a Rare Beef Pho also proved to be delicious. The broth was also incredibly hot which is a Pho requirement for me.

I'm excited to go back and try out some of the other fare. The service was excellent, ambiance better than your average Pho joint. Add the excellent food to that and it's a fabulous combo :)

Jan 22
Definitely my favourite spot for pho and Vietnamese soups now. It's always super clean and service is always fast and friendly. They even put the football game on for us once. Parking is easy to find and always free unlike anywhere on Somerset like Warby mentioned. Pictured is the laksa, it was very good. They take a lot of pride in their food and it shows.

2017 Aug 13
Had a nice lunch here today. It is very clean and the pho broth was definitely above average. I want to come back and try the Laksa, saw it on their Facebook page after going to the restaurant. Soup comes in small (24oz) or large (32oz). Small with assorted meat is pictured (B11). I will definitely be back.

2017 Jun 17
Took my very hungry family here for a late lunch on a Sunday afternoon. Part of the draw was that I had seen them promoting a rare special, bánh cuốn, on social media that day.

Everything was delightful! The gỏi cuốn (summer rolls) were super fresh and elegantly presented. Grilled lemongrass pork was flavourful and beautifully plated. Soups (both hủ tiếu) were as they should be. The chả gị (spring rolls) were piping hot and nicely filled. The bánh cuốn (rolls of fresh rice "skin" wrapped around shrimp and pork) were good, but I prefer what I've enjoyed at Pho Bac.

Overall, this was a great visit and my wife declared it as her new favourite Vietnamese restaurant. Needless to say, we shall return! 😉

Oct 29
We've visited this place a few times now and the quality is consistently very good. This Hủ Tiếu Thịt Ḅ Saté (Spicy Beef Noodle Soup) hit all the right notes.

Great food combined with a preferable street parking situation compared to Somerset makes this restaurant is an easy choice!