This is a new delicatessen in the Byward Market where the Sausage Kitchen was located.

Foods from Weidel


2017 Mar 8
I spent the day at the National Gallery today with enough time for a quick midday lunch at Weidel. I've been in a few times now to browse and I have been spying their lunch counter each time I've been in. Today I made a point of going there to try out their lunch menu. Today they had two types of sausage on offer (double smoked and garlic), wiener schnitzel, sauerkraut, Hungarian french fries, and pierogies. I ordered sausage on a bun and I was given a choice of having it with or without sauerkraut. No sausage-on-a-bun is complete without sauerkraut so I ordered some with a double smoked sausage. The sausage was good with a little smokey flavour to it however the sauerkraut was very finely shredded to an almost puree consistency causing the bun to get really soggy. I topped it off with what was allegedly hot mustard but it was missing the heat ;( I really hope they can fix these mistakes since I really want to like this place - they seem to have great products and the staff is so nice... I still plan to make a return visit to to try their other menu items.

2016 Jul 25
I was in the Byward Market yesterday for a Sunday afternoon shopping trip. I popped by Weidel to see if/when they are open and sure enough they are open for business. (They opened their doors to the public last Friday.) I popped in for a quick visit to check out the place and the layout is lovely. The refrigerators that used to go around the perimeter of the store when the Sausage Kitchen was operating in that space have now been removed. The store actually looks more spacious and well lit than before. There are freezers against the wall with frozen seafood/fish products. There is a refrigerator facing the entrance of the store containing sausages and deli meats and there is a buffet set up to the right. There was nothing in it yesterday but I am anticipating a lunch counter - woot! They have quite a few canned Eastern European products on shelves in the middle of the store and BASKETS full of chocolate against the back wall. I think I could really like this place;) They didn't have much in stock yesterday but they are planning on bringing in more over the next few weeks.