"At Meat Press we believe in quality products from local farmers, foragers and suppliers. As a Chef in the region’s best restaurants, I have a close relationship with these hard working farmers to ensure the best culinary experience for our customers."

The is a sandwich shop and they also sell charcuteries.

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Sep 7
I hate you butwhoami and if we ever cross paths at Meat Press i may stab you with one of those sticks.

...after i finish my smoked meat n pickle pogo, of course.

Aug 21

Aug 16
"...the smoked meat pogo, which am not sure how regularly it pops up on their menu. It was basically a smoked meat sandwich on a stick, pickle in the middle, wrapped in pogo batter. ...."




Aug 13
Been here twice in pandemic times. They have a walk up 'window' for you to order, distanced, and when it's ready they call your name and place it on a table for you to pick up. They put out their menu daily on instagram when they open.

The headline here though is the philly cheese steak sandwich, which is available most days. My goodness. Top 5 sandwich I've ever had, if not the best. I have low expectations for anything 'philly cheese steak' as it's usually just standard bread/steak/cheese, but took a swing on it being the most appealing thing to me on the menu that day. The steak was top notch quality and seasoning, and the steamed cheese curds melted into a patty of their own on top of it, and really what more is there to say. It's also massive and I regretted eating it all in one go, but a rare case where I couldn't be disciplined enough to stop myself because of how good it was. Next time, I'll share one with someone else and will still feel plenty satisfied.

I also had the smoked meat pogo, which am not sure how regularly it pops up on their menu. It was basically a smoked meat sandwich on a stick, pickle in the middle, wrapped in pogo batter. I just needed to see a picture of it to want to head over and try one. It was also delicious and a fun novelty, though I'd want the pogo part to be crispier if I had it again.

They're doing great things over here. Hot tip: if you're ordering anywhere near lunch time, call ahead about 20 minutes before you want it. It'll save you the same amount of time waiting in a slice of shade across the street on a 30 degree day (while glaring at the folks idling their cars for 15 minutes right in front of the window).

2018 Jan 29
My SO and I went to Meat Press Friday night. Wow, holy deliciousness Batman! Started with the Lobster Cappuccino, a wry nod to the drink but really a silky, luscious lobster bisque with delectable morsels of lobster. Followed that with a fall-apart beef bourguignon (garnished with a marrow-filled bone of course). Can't recall SO's starter but he thoroughly enjoyed the steak. We ordered the small side of veggies (roasted sprouts + slaw) and found the portion more than adequate. Professional yet informal service made this a most pleasant way to end the work week. With a bottle of Rose and after tip, bill came to $200. Felt the extra expense was well worth it. Left with 3 Canadian cheeses purchased from their charcuterie case to enjoy over the weekend.

2017 Jul 6
Had lunch for the second time at Meat Press. It was great. Especially loved the brussel sprout caesar salad and the smoked beef sandwich. A previous time had the duck sandwich which was amazing. Be prepared to feel extra-full - these are big sandwiches and are not low-fat. We should have ordered three for four people....

2016 May 2
Went there during my Hintonburg/Westboro food run last Friday and stopped by Meat Press to check it out after the positive reviews of the sandwiches.

Sandwiches are $8.50 or $9 each and now salads are on the menu too whereas sides are roughly $4 but you can do a combo with side and a drink for $3.50 extra.

They also had some prepared plates one of which was duck confit, duck pate and some other sides for about $22.

2016 May 2
I really like the look of the smoked duck breast so bought one for about $14 ($5/100g) and used it for smoked duck and flori quesadilla with some sautéed onion, pepper and asparagus...

Very tasty and high quality smoked duck breast and mom loved it. I slightly prefer the one at Wellington Gastro pub since it had a smokier profile but that is hit or miss whereas meat press get ducks breast in 2x a week and smoke them for sales a few days later.