Where to get Smoked Duck Breast


2009 Jul 4
We had picked up some smoked duck breast from The Piggy Market after sampling it. It is absolutely amazing! It is very tasty on it's own, on crusty baguette or also topped with just a crumble of aged cheddar. Not cheap, but a wonderful treat. I'll have to come up with some more tasty ways to eat it.

2016 May 2
I really like the look of the smoked duck breast so bought one for about $14 ($5/100g) and used it for smoked duck and flori quesadilla with some sautéed onion, pepper and asparagus...

Very tasty and high quality smoked duck breast and mom loved it. I slightly prefer the one at Wellington Gastro pub since it had a smokier profile but that is hit or miss whereas meat press get ducks breast in 2x a week and smoke them for sales a few days later.

2016 May 8
I was looking for some smoked duck breast for a gift basket and called both Meat Press who was out and checked the menu at Wellington Gastro pub and no smoked duck salad on the menu so the only one I found with it available is Seed to Sausage so I went there.

The smoked duck breasts there were all very small about 110-130g (I got them to weight the one I found which I thought was the largest and it was 130g) and seems a tad high for $12 which makes it $9-11/100g.

I know I have bought a duck breast from about that price from both Wellington Gastro pub and Meat Press and they were approximately twice that size...

They also have duck prosciutto and similarly 90-110g or so for $12.