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2017 Sep 2
That is odd I eat at the Heron Gate location and have had no issues.

2017 Aug 30
Zaki's has reopened as Zaky's. Used to eat there when it was Zaki's and loved it but have yet to try Zaky's. It's on my list.

2017 Aug 30
felinefan - unfortunate to hear. With Zaki's now closed I need to find a good fried Chicken spot.

sidebar - I've never been a fan of the DH rule, they seem to have it pretty easy compared to the rest of the team. I've always enjoyed NL games much more for that reason.

2017 Aug 29
Went to the Hunt Club location today for lunch. DH wanted the special chicken tossed in their special sauce that they still advertise on TV but no longer serve, and haven't for some time. He had the chicken tenders with a side of onion rings and a biscuit. They forgot to pack his sauce. I ordered the two piece chicken special and a biscuit. The food is dreadful and the place smells of stale grease. My chicken was oozing oil and I could not eat it. The main flavour of the very small biscuit was baking soda/powder. I did not finish it either. DH said the onion rings were battered, but limp and not hot. He didn't like his biscuit nor the rings but said the tenders were not too bad. There were huge amounts of food already fried and sitting under the heat lamps. DH got up at one point to ask for more napkingvand they gave him three forks. Do yourself a favour and stay away.

2016 Jun 23
Went back for lunch the other day and ordered 2 spicy tenders and one drumstick for lunch. Ended up getting 4 non-spicy tenders, 2 drumsticks and a biscuit. Way too much food, but it was tasty. However, you could tell it had been sitting there for a while, and the breading on the drumsticks felt more like a coating. Chicken was delicious but very salty, I was thirsty all afternoon, it's probably too heavy of a meal to eat for lunch. Looking on urbanspoon it sounds like getting orders wrong here is to be expected, but in this instance I can't complain. Biscuit was pretty gross and had a strong baking soda taste, definitely not worth the calories. Next time i'm in that area I'll probably head to Shawarma Prince instead; Popeyes is tasty but the Prince healthier and it's hard to beat $4.99 for a small shawarma and a drink.

2016 May 4
I've been to the Walkley and Hunt Club locations, chicken was great at both. Fries at Hunt Club were embarrassingly bad (soggy, greasy, the worst 'Cajun' seasoning I've ever encountered), I ate three or four and left the rest behind, practically a pound of the things. I had beans and rice, and onion rings, at the Walkley location and they were fine. Salty biscuits.

2016 May 4
Tried out the Hunt Club location at lunch. Ordered the 5 piece chicken tenders with fries, 3 spicy 2 mild. They were fantastic and I liked the spicy the best. Meat was nice breast meat and not mechanically separated/process like chicken nuggets. It's definitely the best fried chicken I've had and beats our the great tenders DSF used to have, they also gave me 6 tenders instead of 5. Fries were soggy and greasy, don't think I'd get them again. Didn't end up eating half of them or the biscuit as I was pretty full. Service was fast, I was in and out in 5 minutes.

2016 Feb 7
Always a fan of fried chicken, I visited with my son at 6:30 on a Saturday evening. We spent only a couple of minutes in line before ordering and then sipped fountain soda for about 15 minutes as our food was prepared. I counted around 18 employees bustling about the kitchen and front counter!

I love fried chicken and I love gravy, so I had no choice but to order a 3-piece platter with two sides (fries and gravy). It came with a biscuit and large fountain pop for $10.49. That's a lot of food! My son opted for a far more sensible Deluxe chicken sandwich combo with one side (mashed potatoes with gravy). His came with a biscuit and a medium pop for $7.99.

The food:

Fried chicken - I ordered spicy. It was delightfully crunchy and quite moist inside, but the spice was pure cayenne -- heat without flavour. Not my kind of fried chicken.
Biscuit - This is unique! I can totally see this as an item for craving but would never recommend it to anyone. The interior was pleasantly squishy and the top was soaked with what seemed to be super salty melted butter. It's like a cross between garlic bread and a biscuit, but without the garlic!
Fries - Very well seasoned, they definitely don't need gravy. Some oil oozed out when I poked them with the supplied plastic spork. I ate them all. :O
Gravy - I'd heard people like this here and I do love gravy, so I had to try it. What a disappointment! Loaded with MSG, it struck me as exactly how I'd expect the following to taste: heat a can of gravy and then stir an envelope of Knorr vegetable soup mix into it without diluting.

My son's Deluxe chicken sandwich looked really good and he enjoyed it! He found the mashed potatoes with gravy to be overwhelmingly salty. There are side dishes (like corn on the cob) that are more sensible than fries or gravy. I wouldn't rule out a return visit. ;-)

On the way back home, we drove past Crispy's (home of spectacular boneless fried chicken) and there were only a couple of customers inside. This doesn't make any sense to me!

2015 Sep 23
I spoke with a few fellows who were working at the Walkley Road location and they are hoping for an end of October opening.