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Fried Chicken at Crispy's
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Jun 17

I have drien by this place frequently and it lookslike another sketchy "why are you on Woodroffe" business, but a friend raved about their fried chicken so we tried it this week.

Wonderful fried chicken:
Huge boneless pieces, super crispy on the outside and super moist snd tender on the inside.

We were not prepared for how large the pieces were and ordered too much - the remaining two pieces were even still quite tasty on the next day lunch reheat (a rare feat for fried chicken)

Fries are also very crispy, salty, and tasty.

They have their own delivery on their website so you can order delivery without feeding the gig economy vultures.

2019 Jan 8
I stopped by last week and had the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. All in all not a bad offering but it was not a traditional cheese steak. Sure it had shaved beef and sautéed veggies,but it was topped of with a white garlic sauce. A little bit sweet with maybe sesame, it was not what I wanted. Good but misnamed IMHO.

2017 Jan 6
Decided to try this place out for lunch today. DH had the three piece thighs with fries, I had the two piece thighs with a Caesar salad instead of fries and we shared an order of Slamming Jalapeños I think they were called. Everything was excellent and they have not seen the last of us.

2016 Jul 21
So after a long wandering walk yesterday I decided to eat here for dinner last night. I went with a three piece thigh combo because a. Cheaper and B. Dark meat tastes better. It was cooked fresh and hot to my table, and I passed on a dip, because I wanted to try it au natural.

So, impression? Very very good. They must marinate or brine the meat in something because it was flavorful and moist. The skin was beautiful crispy, and thick, and gave a good crunch. It was also seasoned with a bit of heat I felt.

The fries were ok. Nothing special but nothing terrible either.

In future, I'll go with a two piece instead, because they were big pieces. As well, I'll get a dipping sauce, if nothing else to try it with. All in all, I think I definitely will go back, especially if I decide to do a long walk again.

2015 Aug 14
I stopped in the other day as I was in the neighbourhood. I had the chicken thighs which was a generous portion but a little under seasoned. I got hot sauce on the side which was Frank's. If I had to do it again I would opt for the ranch dip. Or a Philly Cheesesteak


2015 Jul 26
felinefan, I don't know if the chicken is pressure-fried like at Zaki, but the end result is the same: crisp and moist!

As for the fries, I have to admit that I'm not well versed on the differences between frozen and fresh cut fries. They were good fries. Served super hot, nice texture, flavour, and crispy exterior.

My experience has been that frozen fries crisp up better than fresh ones because the freezing process dries out their surface a little, so I've never been very opinionated about fresh vs frozen fries.

2015 Jul 26
Thanks for posting this. Is this cooked in a broaster a là Zaki? I'll have to try this place out. Fries look fabulous. I assume from the looks of them that they are of the non-frozen variety?

2015 Jul 26
I like to try new fried chicken places, especially when they advertise that their chicken is Halal. Not because I follow Sharia but because this means the chicken will inevitably be Middle-Eastern style: super moist interior with a well seasoned and impossibly crunchy coating. And it sure was!

$8.95+tax gets you this 2-piece boneless fried chicken platter with fries and a pop. Two pieces, one thigh and one breast, turned out to be plenty because they are not small. The picture gives you some idea... remember, there are no bones in that photo!

You can choose from a large list of sauces and dips. I went with boring old gravy because I love to dip my fries therein. Notice the salt crystals on the fries... salty chicken, salty fries, and salty gravy. My diet Coke was not salty!

Service was friendly in that "Hey, you aren't Arab so we'll be polite but a bit aloof with you" kind of way. There was a sort of family reunion going on while I was there, and I felt a little guilty about eating the chicken with my left hand. But I'm left handed and I use my phone and take care of bodily functions with my right hand. Pleased to meet you. I'm also diligent about washing my hands so you can be pleased to meet me too. :D

It's great to have places like this available to us as an alternative to fast food chains. I'm keen to return to try their take on a Philly Cheesesteak one day!