Formerly Koi Asia, formerly Pho Mi 108

2006 Robertson Rd, Bells Corners.

B Kho at iCook Pho You
Fried Noodle at iCook Pho You
Papaya Salad at iCook Pho You
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iCook Pho You
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2015 Jul 7

I tried the fresh rolls last week after reading schnicken's comment (especially about the mint), and they are indeed delicious - and slightly minty.

I only ordered rolls (chicken and beef) so can't comment on any of the other food, but would definitely go back if I was in the west end looking for food.

2015 Jun 24
I've recently moved out to the West end and decided to pay a visit.

I simply had fresh rolls and was quite impressed. I had the shrimp, chicken and pork.

I was pleased that the lettuce did not take over the roll (which happens far too often). There was a pleasant balance. The chicken was the best in my opinion.

Also, I'm a big fan of mint in my rolls and ICook delivered on this front.

My BF had the #3 special. The spring roll was nothing extraordinary. He said his dish was good. One note is that it was certainly plentiful! He remarked that he thought it was the biggest vermicelli bun he's ever had.

Definitely looking forward to going back and bringing some friends!

2015 Apr 22
Being a recent convert to Pho, I am doing the rounds of places near work. I went looking for Koi Asia at lunchtime, and found it is now "I Cook Pho You".

The cheesy name instantly turned one of my friends off, but hungry we ploughed on.

I'd never been to either of the former incarnations at this location, but first impressions inside were positive. Nice and spacious, very clean looking and nicely furnished. Service was attentive (although it wasn't very busy) and complimentary tea was brought quickly.

I had the pork rice paper spring roll to start, pictured top. It was nicely presented, but rather bland. My friend had the shrimp version which looked to have a good amount of shrimp in, but again was deemed bland. My other friend had the regular fried spring rolls, which looked crispy & tasty and met with his approval.

The I had #15, the Satay Pho with rare beef. I always order this at each Pho place in the hopes it will be like that at Huongs. Alas it wasn't, but it was pretty good. The beef (hidden from view in the photo) was a good amount and very tasty. The broth seemed different from the other regular (i.e. not Huongs) places I've tried. Elsewhere I've often found the broth to be very salty and to be honest could come from a can for all I know. I'm no connoisseur of Pho yet, but I did prefer this broth. It seemed more flavorful and less salty. Maybe it isn't as authentic, I don't know, but I did like it.

By the way, I just had the regular, and I was glad I did as it was pretty huge. Not sure if the photo shows the scale well, but the regular is what is pictured.

I'd put it in one of the better Pho joints near work, and one of the more convenient ones so I think we'll be back - but we'll skip the fresh rolls for starters.

2015 May 6
When we go to a Vietnamese restaurant my kids like to get the delicious Mi Xao stir fry on crispy egg noodle. This one was no exception and seemed to have even more generous vegetable content than most. $12.95 for a massive plate of tasty food!

2015 May 6
Green Papaya salad (gỏi đu đủ) was refreshing and sweet -- a perfect way to start the meal. I like the dressing to be a little more pronounced, but for $5.95 I'm not complaining!

2015 May 6
I enjoyed my medium Pho Tai Bo Vien a lot. Nice light broth with a generous amount of meat, noodle, and garnish.

The food seems better than when this was Koi Asia. And the menu is focused on Vietnamese rather than trying to be pan-Asian. Prices are reasonable.

I'd describe this place as Somerset value in Bells Corners!

2015 Jul 20
The b kho is loaded with noodles and tender chunks of beef, all bathing in an aromatic beefy broth. I opted for the hủ tiếu m b kho variation of this dish, with both rice noodles and egg noodles.

There are two sizes: Regular ($9.95) and Large ($11.95). I went with the Regular because I had gỏi đu đủ to start, and it was more than big enough!

I love having this quality and value of Vietnamese food so close to where I live! :-)