Table 85
Table 85
Korean Fried Chicken at Table 85
Table 85
Korean Fried Chicken at Table 85
Table 85
Table 85
Foods from Table 85

2018 Oct 4
Table 85 is no longer functioning as a restaurant but they are still doing catering.

2018 Jul 16
They're back:

Posted July 9:

"Table 85 start open in regular business hour
12:00 to 9 PM Tue to Friday,
12:00 to 5 Saturday.
Sunday and Monday offf.
From tomorrow July 9th
We also start serving Icy Korean Style Cold Noodle.."

2018 Jun 6
News posted to Facebook yesterday by Table 85:

I regret to tell Table 85 Customers and Friends. Table 85 Temporary closed to support Table SODAM 1200 Bank ST. we thought we did our best. But we got some of complaining closing in opening hours, food quality and speed. So Table 85 will more focus on catering and support Table SODAM until we got enough staff to give good service.

2017 Sep 22
Oops. I can't figure out how to add this photo to my previous post.

2017 Sep 22
Had lunch here today. I had the seafood pancake while DH had the fire chicken with noodles. The good was fantastic. You need to go.

2017 Jul 14
Very good shrimp fried rice--nice balance of shrimp and veggies--nicely seasoned. Decent portion for lunch--maybe a third more than I really needed. I might have cooked the rice a bit more to give it a bit more bite, but that is a minor thing. Service was remarkably gracious for a hole in the wall place--they gave me a nice serving if pickled daikon to try. Only downside is that it is a bit pricey--$13 for a quick lunch.

2017 Mar 3
The food at this place is fantastic, especially their Korean chicken. Yesterday they posted that they will now be serving Korean style chicken and General Tao chicken Monday through Thursday. Those two dishes used to only be available as a special. They charge a very reasonable $8.50 for these dishes. Go - you won't be disappointed.

Edited to change "every day" to "Monday through Thursday".

2017 Mar 3
Can confirm that the fried chicken at this place is FANTASTIC, easily the best in town. Only tried the soy variety but will be back for the sweet and spicy. Ottawa foodies need to get out there and support this awesome hidden gem!

2017 Feb 20
Well, the prices have risen by about a dollar since my previous comments, so now the value is just awesome rather than incredible. :P

The Korean Fried Chicken is still the star here and I'm told over and over that it's by far the best in Ottawa, and exactly like one would get in Seoul. This time we tried half-and-half divided between Sweet & Soy (top right in pic) and Regular. I found the Regular to be a little boring so next time I'd go with a full order of Sweet & Soy. (As I mentioned previously the Sweet & Spicy is just too sweet for my taste.) The addictively crunchy cubes of pickled daikon that accompany this chicken make it so easy to keep coming back for more.

We had both the Fire Chicken Noodle (top left) and the Fire Seafood Noodle (bottom right). The chef seemed surprised that we were able to eat them without any problem. The spice level is actually perfect: nice and zippy but moderate enough that you can still enjoy the flavour.

The Rice Cake (tteokbokki, bottom left in pic) had all the sweet-spicy-chewy yumminess it should have, and there were generous slices of fish cake mixed in there too.

The Jjajangmyeon was good as always, and my daughter proclaimed it to be her new favourite food. We got a second order to take home with us. :-)

2016 Aug 17
We ate some tasty food! Clockwise from top left:

* Korean Fried Chicken - we got the half and half, this is the Soy version
* Fire Chicken Noodle - super tasty with nice heat
* Cold Noodle - this is a famous Korean dish, cold noodles in slushy broth with a delicate balance of sweet, spicy, salty, sour. Loved it! (naengmyeon - 냉면)
* Jajang - these rich and earthy tasting black bean noodles are also famous (jjajangmyeon - 짜장면). Pictured here is what I believe to be a double order of the seafood one. (Menu says the minimum order size is 2.)

Overall the quality was excellent and the value was good too. Five of us feasted, with leftovers for $98, tax in.

Highly recommended!



2017 Jul 27
Here is a picture of the original flavour fried chicken. It tastes very good. I prefer the sweet and spicy but this held its own.

2016 Aug 17
The KFC here is widely recognized to be the best in town. I was impressed with the flavour, texture, and generous portion!

Pictured here is the "sweet and spicy" version. This is probably the more popular one, but I find it just too sweet so I prefer the "sweet and soy" (which isn't really sweet at all).

Great stuff!