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Our Handmade Perogies Feature Locally Sourced Quality Ingredients.


The perogie kitchen is open Thursday to Sunday (& evenings when a show is scheduled) from 5pm - 10:30pm. We'll keep the perogies comin' to nourish hungry gamers!

Family friendly between 5-9pm. Kids welcome.

Perogies at House of Targ
House of Targ
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2014 Oct 6
House of Targ does a weekend brunch now from 11am-3pm. there's only one plate selection but it's done well - your choice of eggs (fried to order/scrambled), kielbasa, bacon, toast, and 3 traditional perogies (cheese/potato). don't knock it - the perogies really work!

there's a DIY coffee/tea station which is unlimited, or you can subsitute a PBR for an upcharge like i did (not unlimited, unfortunately). the mug was a nice touch.

great spot for a weekend outing with the kiddies or your resident punk teenager.

2015 Sep 4
Leek, sweet potato, onion and cheese perogies. Wow, these were excellent, filling and fresh! When eaten with the dill sour cream, sauerkraut and pickled beets its the perfect bite. Highly recommended!

2014 Oct 7
How much do they charge for this breakfast plate? it looks good!

2014 Sep 23
They usually have one or two Ashton taps as well... Their mixed drinks are great.

Glad you enjoyed their perogies and the atmosphere, it's such a great spot for all to enjoy,

2014 Sep 23
Came here with my husband & kid one Friday after school. Got there right at 5pm, which was good because it filled up fast. A mix of kids & adults.

For food we tried the traditional(large) & le champignon (small) and shared the dishes between two people. This was plenty. We went in hungry and were satisfied. (kid wasn't hungry)

Each order came with dilled sour cream, beet salad and sauerkraut (mild/tangy). We piled a bit of each on top of each perogie. I don't know how traditional the prep and cooking of the perogies are, but they were great! I can't wait to go back.

Since it is an arcade & not a traditional restaurant, here is what you do when you go. You walk down the stairs from Bank St (right at Sunnyside), go through the arcade and to the bar at the back to put in your order. Buy a beer or drink and then play pinball or arcade games until they call your name. There are a few tables around to sit at, plus stools at the bar. The games have drink holders for beer.

The beer draft selection wasn't very big when we were there. We both ended up with Beau's. Would be nice to see a few more options.

Next time, we may go for 3 small servings and try more flavours. My kid loved the games (and was able to play & master pinball quickly at age 7). Pinball ranged from 25 - $2, and arcade games 25.