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Taqueria la Bonita
Taqueria la Bonita
Taqueria la Bonita
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2018 Sep 19
I have eaten here many times and it never disappoints!! The athmosphere is authentic, as is their tequila and menu. You can never go wrong with tostadas - warm corn tortillas topped with meat of your choice or veggies. I always love their tacos (soft shell), and usually pick 3 types of meat and split. Flavours are very interesting and aunthenthic - tip: ask for their homemade hot sauces!!! One is a cilantro one and itís to die for. Their soup was also delicious. It can get pretty busy at lunch, and some times be a bit slow, but the last few times I went it had much improved.

2015 May 5

Tried this for the first time this weekend.
New favourite restaurant in the world!
Ok, that was hyperbolic, but it was delicious.

I had several tacos, quite good: mole con pollo, alambre de res, and alambre des pollo. All were enjoyable - fresh taste, good meat,. My fave was definitely the mole con pollo - very nice mole sauce!

I didn't order any sides with my food, but my friend did - and now I know that it's worth ordering the rice and beans next time. Especially the beans.

The person who recommended the place to me lives for their tortilla soup (sopa azteca), but I'll have to try it next time since I wasn't in a soup mood on this visit.

Service was friendly, prices were reasonable, food was good, definitely a new favourite!

2014 Nov 17
Had a very good meal at La Bonita last week. Ordered the Tacos Dorados which are basically deep fried Enchiladas. I chose Barbacoa and Pollo for the meats and they were both tasty. Partner ordered some tacos and they were all very good especially the Barbacoa. Prices are fair and service is quick.

Overall, this new place is a great addition to Ottawa's Mexican restaurants.

2014 Aug 28
Just had lunch here, very nice authentic, friendly, comida de Mexico. I had the tacos al pastor. Yummy

2014 Aug 16
Barbacoa,Cochinita pibil and chorizo Sopes. Underneath that mountain of flavor was a semi crisp corn tortilla that just make the sope.

2014 Aug 16
Some great Mexican food at reasonable prices. Finally some Mexican with different flavors has come to town. It is in a strip mall tucked away off Ogilvie and the Aviation Parkway. Small place with eight tables. The lighting could use a little work but the food is well worth the fluorescent ambiance. Started with some guacamole and chips. Guac was refreshing with a lively citrus background with unsalted chips. I had the chicken enchiladas with salsa verde. That verde sauce had a lively acidity to it that just made the chicken come to life. The fluffy rice and black beans that came with were also very good. My wife had the 3 sopes(meat)and she was able to get all three meats. The barbacoa was outstanding and the cochinita pibil a real treat. The textures were great with the semi fried corn tortillas holding up to the mountain of flavor on top. So hard to figure out what will be ordered on our next visit but I'm thinking Tacos Dorados. Pic is the enchiladas verde.