Food cart serving Asian tacos and other offerings such as Tibetan dumplings (momo).

Sula Wok
Tacos at Sula Wok
Tacos at Sula Wok
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2019 Dec 11
The Main St resto will be closed from Dec 21 to the end of Feb (they will be travelling, not "renovations" or anything like that).

So if you want a dumpling / taco fix before they go, better get in quick.

2018 Nov 28
Did takeaway from the Main St location this past weekend (mind Nov 2018). Beef, thai basil chicken, and potato masala momos (doz each), beef noodles, spring rolls.

The Sula Wok taco cart used to tease me with the reference to momos and i am SO HAPPY to now be able to get them. All three momos were great little bundles of flavour-loaded happiness with a generous portion of daikon and kimchi on top. If your usual momo is the massive (glorious) Momo Spot version this is smaller - one tasty bite more or less - and packs a bit more flavour into the package. I can't even point at a favorite among the three we ordered, they were all tasty and now i need to try all the others they offer.

Their usual peanut sauce is good but the spicy peanut sauce i could guzzle directly from the little plastic takeaway thingy.

Noodles were delicious. Tasty, firm, loaded with veg and beef. Huge portion.

The veg spring rolls were good. Given the level of awesome they nailed with the momos and noodles these were more or less sidelined but enjoyed even so.

Sufficient takeaway food for six adults, tax and tip in, was approx $70.

Utterly worth the money. Will be back. Will send like everyone i know.

2018 Aug 31
For some (unknown) reason, I had not tried Sula Wok before yesterday. The Chinese Eggplant Rice Bowl with pork and Tibetan Beef Momos I had for lunch were soooooo awesome I went back and had them for supper too!

Very delightful bricks and mortar store on Main St. with seating inside and out. If you havenít been, youíve got to go. If you have been, you know what Iím talking about.

2018 Mar 1
99% of all points programs ever would be massively improved by the addition of a "Redeem for tacos" provision.

2018 Mar 1
"Redeem for tacos".


2018 Feb 28
Sula Wok opened their bricks & mortar location on Main Street in Old Ottawa East a few weeks back. I guess I must be classed as a regular now as they remember my name already.

For some reason they don't have the menu listed on their website, but they have quite a bit to offer.

Dumplings/Momos : 5 different fillings
Salads : 4 types
Fried rice dishes : 4 types
Tacos : 4 types
Steamed Rice bowls : 8 types
Noodle bowls : 4 types

I've tried a few things but the Momos are the standout for me (also quite filling). Pork & Mushroom and Tibetan Beef versions shown here.

You get to top the dishes with various things (nuts, kimchi, sauces).

Make sure to get a "Woking papers" card and get it stamped. Once full you can redeem for tacos.

They have a few small tables inside if you want to dine in.

2015 Jun 3
The food here is always light, fresh and flavourful. I highly suggest going before the lunch rush starts, because it takes time for them to assemble the tacos and they're a bit disorganized. But going slightly early leads to a great reward: the meat is tender, the flavours are perfect, and you can even get a Suzy Q donut to top it off. Highly recommend.

2015 May 7
I pass by Sula Wok every morning on my way to work and was intrigued by the Asian tacos offered. Today I decided to head over and try some out. I ordered two tacos - beef and tofu. The beef and tofu were spiced. I'm pretty sure they used Chinese five spices on the tofu. It tasted like different spices were used on the beef - I'm not sure which spices they used but it was interesting. I had a choice between flour tortillas or corn tortillas so I picked the corn ones. I also asked for the Asian slaw on top which consisted of shredded veggies but no dressing whatsoever. I was not a fan of these tacos and have decided to head over to Angry Dragonz when I get an Asian street food craving... As for Sula Wok I may stop by to pick up a Suzy Q donut for breakfast on my way to work but I won't likely order their tacos again.

2014 May 20
Stumbled across Sula Wok at lunch today. They were serving Asian tacos (3 options: chilled chicken, Mongolian beef or 5-spice tofu). You can choose between corn or flour tortillas, or have the option to have the contents in pita or lettuce leaves. Tacos were $3.50 each.

I ordered the beef and tofu in corn tortillas. The beef was spicy but tasty. Both were quite good as I enjoyed the various toppings more than the actual 'main' itself: asian slaw, marinated cucumbers, kimchi, and sauce.

The cart hands out frequent customer reward cards where every 13th taco is free.

2015 Aug 20
I have to note that Sula's tofu tacos are far far far better than anything that pairs the somewhat tepid word 'tofu' with the glorious word 'taco' has any right to be. SO tasty.

2015 Aug 15
Delicious Spicy Chicken Asian Taco ($4), loaded with julienned Asian vegetables, seaweed and kimchi. I topped mine with the offered chili sauce, sesame seeds, and peanuts. This satisfying, flavourful, and affordable bite was everything food truck food should be!

2015 Aug 12
Curry pork taco and cold chicken taco. The curry taco was Indian style and really heavy on the curry powder with a mild heat. Cold chicken was similar to a papaya salad in flavour and crunch but with chicken. Very refreshing. Each taco was topped with kimchi, Asian slaw, peanuts, sesame seeds, seaweed salad, sauce and a hot sauce. Lots going on. 2 tacos for $8 ready in 3 minutes of this quality is more than reasonable.