This vendor no longer exists!

Cardamom and Cloves
Foods from Cardamom and Cloves


2019 May 28
They've closed the e-retail side of the business down and now she maintains a community blog. I hope that answers your question!

2019 May 27
This person was running a mail order business after the store closed. Has that now closed as well?

2015 Jan 4
Aww shoot. I love browsing through the store. I haven't bought spices anywhere else since she opened.

I wish Jodi all the best.

2015 Jan 4
Store closing Jan. 25. Online sales will still go on.

Looks like there will be a big sale before then, so stock up.

I really liked this shop and bought a lot of spices, however, I'm not surprised a spice shop couldn't survive on that strip on Preston. Would love to see it move and share space somewhere else, or find a better location.

2014 Mar 20
Loving the 'Cardamon and Cloves' spice store at 440 Preston Street (near Carling Avenue) that opened in February 2014. It sells a wide range of the freshest spices and herbs, and most of them are organic. I've been back three times in the last two weeks to replenish and expand my stock of kitchen spices!! Jodi Samis, the owner, is super friendly and helpful. For more information visit Or better still go to the store - you won't regret it!