Food truck permanently installed in the Glebe behind Mrs. Tiggy Winkles, second location on Somerset west of Preston, serving pancakes and "panwiches". Seating area made of lumberjack chairs and tables.

Flapjack's Pancake Shack
Flapjack's Pancake Shack
Flapjack's Pancake Shack
Pancakes at Flapjack's Pancake Shack
Pancakes at Flapjack's Pancake Shack
Flapjack's Pancake Shack
Foods from Flapjack's Pancake Shack

2016 Nov 27
The coffee isn't included, which is not okay in my estimation. Now that I think about it, it wasn't even very strong.

Did I need to spend $25 on breakfast? No. No, I did not. Still, I don't think it was out of line for what I got.

In future, I'll stick to the panwiches and go to a few other diner places I know if I need a plate of pancakes.

Sometimes, I do just need a big plate of pancakes. You know?

2016 Nov 27
The giant breakfast was delicious. A bit of poutine under sausages, really good bacon and a slab of ham. I liked the choice of rye toast.

The eggs were not done the way I had ordered and the pancakes were slightly undercooked. I'm not too finicky, so I managed to get through it.

I feel that this was a good sized breakfast. It was a lot, but not too much.

2016 Jan 21
They're doing a Mac n Cheese menu this week. Poutine Mac, breakfast Mac, pesto Mac, Mac n cheese balls, etc.
I couldn't resist the always excellent pancakes, but the plates I saw on other tables looked seriously evil. In a good way. A cheesy good way. Only evil.

2015 Aug 28
We checked out the Preston St. sit down location and were pleasantly surprised.

The lowdown: Cute kitschy Lumber Camp Theme with camping dishes (aluminum plates and plastic mugs) and wooden plaid decor. Cute front patio and plenty of seating. Menu boasts pancake themed breakfasts and lunch items including the standard pancake and breakfast plates as well as Panwiches (pancake breakfast sandwiches), Pancake Poutine, Milkshakes and more!

I had the pancakes (choice of buttermilk or oatmeal) and then you can add fillings and/or toppings for additional charge. I opted for the Buttermilk pancakes with milk chocolate chip filling and banana as a topping. Yum. The pancakes also come with a portion of REAL maple syrup and house-made preserves - delish but I sure wish they gave you more! Other potential toppings/fillings include blueberries, raspberry, dark chocolate chips, nutella, and more.

My BF had the Breakfast plate and was a big fan of the tasty circle cut homefries with just the right amount of crispiness and seasoning. Eggs and Bacon were done nicely as well. I got to try my friends oatmeal pancakes that were also equally delicious.

Definitely a fun place to come with a relaxed family friendly atmosphere. Drinks are additional to the Breakfast's so expect to run about $15+ per person for breakfast!

We will be back.

2015 Jun 1
Flapjack's now has a sit-down restaurant on Preston St (near Aberdeen). We tried it out Sunday morning and it was packed at 10:30am, with a line-up out the door and still jumping when we left.

I hadn't tried their shack truck in the Glebe, so this was my first time. My son & husband had both tried pancakes at the truck before and were excited to have a pancake place close to home.

The restaurant is set-up like a cabin & waitstaff is in jeans and flannel. It was a bit chaotic with staff running everywhere, I had the feeling they are still working out the kinks. The server seating people assumed we were with another group and kept skipping over us. My husband had to follow her to the bar to get her attention and when she realized we were just 3 we were seated right away. Large groups will have to wait because it is a small space, but there is definitely room for a big group. They have a nice patio, but was empty on this cold morning.

Everything is camp themed - metal plates and plastic mugs. I did not like the plastic mug for my coffee. Coffee was $2.5, but came with numerous refills. Kid has cold apple cider. This was an option on the menu, but caught server off guard. She had to go cool off the cider she said. It was not good. It tasted like powdered mix. I'd like to see real apple cider. He hated it (it tasted like apple kool-aid), but she noticed right away and offered to switch to another drink. I really appreciated that.

For breakfast, husband had 9 stack butter milk with bananas and blueberries. The fruit is in the pancake. This isn't the slopping, running toppings, but nice, neat pancakes. He really liked them. Kid had 3 stack with milk chocolate. Again, was well received. They served teeny portions of real maple syrup in plastic containers and bigger syrup containers of the fake stuff. I'd rather pay a more to just have real stuff.

I'm not a sweet breakfast person, so I wasn't very interested in the breakfast menu. I asked to order off lunch menu and waitress had to check first, but came back and said it wasn't a problem. I made a breakfast out of the potato pancake appetizer - 3 potato pancakes, nicely seasoned with sour cream on the side, plus an over easy egg - perfectly cooked. I'd like to see the potato pancakes on breakfast menu as an option. The potato pancakes weren't perfect, they were a bit underdone in the middle, but with the cooked egg on top, I didn't mind.

It is slow and I wasn't sure if it is just slow to cook, or due to number of people or what. We should have brought a paper to read because we would have had time.

All in all it was an ok breakfast. Not our favourite, but the boys are looking forward to going back and having a milkshake & pancakes again. I'd rather stay home and read the paper ;)

I think this spot will do well. It seemed to have more customers this weekend, than Wildwing or the Vegetarian Cult combined ever did. It's nice to have a family-friendly, casual breakfast spot on Preston and is different enough in its offerings to be a draw.

Italian fest weekend(s) are coming up and I'm sure it will be a very popular spot.

2014 Nov 21
Visited Flaphack's at their newer location -- behind Tiggywinkles on Richmond Road in Westboro. Chose a -8C morning to treat my 4-year old and me to an outdoor pancake breakfast.

We had to wait quite a while for our orders, which made us very chilly... but, it was my brilliant idea to go on one of November's coldest days. 4-year old selected 2 pancakes with dark chocolate chips, I got the blueberry. 4-year old LOVED these pancakes, gobbled them right up, frigid wind notwithstanding. I couldn't finish mine. I found them intensely salty. I was famished, so I ate half my medium order -- or, two pancakes, but couldn't take one more mouthful. I love the texture of these cakes, mind you. I noticed on their website that they use no sugar in the pancake mix itself. While that's laudable, lightening up on the salt would make me return. As it is, I won't be going back anytime soon.

2014 Aug 10
I went to the Somerset location a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed the breakfast panwich. Like ChrisB, I'm ok with processed cheese on a breakfast sandwich (in my opinion it's one of two acceptable uses for processed cheese, the other being the occasional childhood-comfort style grilled cheese sandwich). If you prefer real cheese, there's a Gouda option. They give you a small cup of maple syrup with the sandwich. It was plenty for me as a sandwich condiment, but I could see how it might not seem like enough if you like your pancakes drowning. Unfortunately the coffee was cold and just poor in general, which was a shame when the food was so good.

2014 Jul 24
I HAVE head the basic breakfast pan-wich and really liked it. I don't mind processed cheese on a breakfast sandwich (guilty pleasure?). It particularly felt good after a couple of beers the night before.

2014 Apr 4
Great food, although I recommend steering clear of the coffee unless you're a fan of instant. It's run by a pair of young entrepreneurs, I hope the they succeed as they're nice guys.

2014 Mar 10
Popped by to check this place out. Picture is of my "Big Joe Montferrand" panwich ($8). Overall, very tasty though not necessarily something I couldn't make at home and a bit pricey. Still a neat idea and prepared very well, though I am more partial to real, rather than processed cheese. Real maple syrup is provided in a cup, but not a lot (I like to drown my pancakes). Also would have liked to see butter packets available and salt & pepper for my eggs (might have been there but missed it.) It was a really nice weekend day, so the wait was about 25 minutes - be prepared for that. Also, this time of year wear waterproof boots as there is a huge mud/ice puddle in front of the shack.


2014 Jul 19
Being a purist, my first visit to Flapjack's (Glebe location) had to involve just plain pancakes. I opted for the Medium Stack -- 4 buttermilk pancakes for $3.99+tax = $4.50.

These are indeed excellent pancakes. Thick, fluffy but not too fluffy, and on the eggy side of the pancake spectrum. They get their uniform thickness and shape from being cooked in crumpet rings. Given the beautiful browning, I'm guessing they're using shortening to grease the skillet and rings. Sweet and salty levels are spot on balanced.

My one complaint is that the condiment cuplet of maple syrup was more suited to a pair of pancakes than to four. In terms of flavour and satisfaction per calorie, I'd prefer to have half the pancakes and more maple syrup. Butter would be nice too.

I'm not one who thinks pancakes make superior breakfast sandwich "buns" compared to the standard English muffin; however, if and when I return to Flapjack's I'll try a breakfast sandwich anyway.

Genius food truck idea! Ingredients are almost as cheap as for poutine and there's no deep fryer to maintain. Of course pancakes are waaay easier than fries to make at home, but that doesn't seem to stop people from lining up at this little shack in the urban woods.

2014 Jun 22
I went big the first time I came across Flapjack's Pancake Shack at the Somerset location, right in front of the Plant pool: I ordered the pancake poutine. It consisted of julienne pancakes, huge chewy cheese curds and a chicken gravy.

It was a lot of food but I did eat all the cheese curds. The chicken gravy is a good idea as it is a bit sweet and complements the pancake well. The pancake was thick and overall good tasting. I thought it was bit mushy in a couple of bites.

I'll definitely be back to try the other options. This was a bit of a huge portion for me!