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Gongfu Bao
Gongfu Bao
Bao (Steamed Buns) at Gongfu Bao
Bao (Steamed Buns) at Gongfu Bao
Bao (Steamed Buns) at Gongfu Bao
Bao (Steamed Buns) at Gongfu Bao
Foods from Gongfu Bao

Dec 30
Had the brisket bao and pork sui Mai. The bao bun was delicious but the brisket was a little to greasy for my liking. Sui Mai has way too much Chinese 5 spice for my liking and to me paying 9 dollars for 3 pieces of sui mai is too much. Would go back and order other items but wasn’t a fan of these. Service was super friendly and efficient.

2018 Dec 1
Delicious bao! Super popular place, very busy! Great brick and mortar location open now on Bank Street. We had the brisket, tvp and fried chicken bao - all were excellent, but I think the brisket bao was my favorite. Delicious and generous portion of slaw - we split an order between two people. I wish they had the turducken siu mai dumplings but they were already sold out! Next time! Definitely recommend - lots of thought and care put into the food here!


2018 Oct 6
They are now open for lunch Thursday and Friday. Tried the tofu and brisket bao with a side slaw. The tofu bao was quite tasty with a strong 5 spice/hoisin flavour but it lacked the richness of the brisket bao. The brisket was shredded and mixed with what I imagine was the cooking liquid, other spices/sauces and topped with pickles. It was rather delicious and while I'm glad I tried the tofu, next visit I will get 2 brisket. Side slaw was also great.

The lunch menu is limited to the tofu and brisket bao (2 for $11) and some sides ($3).

2015 Jul 25
I've been wanting to experience Tarek's bao for a long time. He's currently at the Westboro Farmers Market on Saturdays, so I jumped at the chance.

This was the Brekkie Bao -- a breakfast sandwich containing a (perfectly done) over-medium Beking's egg, a flavourful layer of warm chopped Seed to Sausage bacon and caramelized onion, and a garnish of scallions and fried shallots. As you can imagine, this tasted fantastic! The bao are super soft and moist.. like the freshest fluffy white bread fresh from the oven.

Loaded with flavour and high quality local ingredients, these are good value at $5 each. One makes a perfect snack and two would be a satisfying meal.

2014 Apr 12
Had the Grilled Cheese bao, the Maple Char Shu BBQ Pork bao and some taro chips. I was kinda sceptical about the Grilled Cheese bao until Tarek said it was filled with ginger and shallots. After that description, I had to get it.

I think it was mentioned in the original food cart review thread that ordering was a bit disorganized when the cart first opened up. I ordered about 35 minutes after he opened up and I got my order in about 5 minutes.

I really liked both bao but I definitely preferred the BBQ Pork bao. It was quite saucy and the pork was very tasty. The grilled cheese bao doesn't really taste like grilled cheese but it's still quite good as the ginger/shallots add a lot of flavour. Unfortunately, I don't really remember much else about the taste of the bao.

The taro chips were quite good but might be considered too salty by some people. Some chips had a good crisp while others weren't cripsy so I'm not sure if that's what Tarek is going for.

It's good stuff. A bit far away from work but I think it's worth the trip.

2014 Mar 5
Sampled the Veggie (Mushroom) and Pork/Challots Bao. The veggie had nice cilantro and curry taste. The pork bao was good but very saucy.