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All kinds of different poutine. Smoked meat, chicken, beef, sausage, with different sauces, including a chicken stock white sauce, gravy, tomato sauce.

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2013 Nov 16
You wanna try their Italiano. Loaded with very good bolognese sauce. A medium which is more than enough for two diners, is $10. This place also fries up a whole host of veggies or meats that you can add to your poutine. Veggies at 0.75 per for medium size, meat at 3.00 per. Very reasonable prices. Gourmet meats like foie gras and duck confit also available at 5.00 per.

Great concept, this place. Excellent value, freshness, consistency, friendly staff. They are open til 5am some days and deliver til 3am. If you go, before ordering grab one of the flyers which are all over the store and use a $2-off coupon or 2 meats for the price of one coupon.

A great addition to the fast food scene in the area.

I will probably try anybody but them at the Fest today, but this event is a good place for Ottawans to try this Gatineau gem (although I hope their quality doesn't suffer in a fest setting).

2013 Oct 29
Typical prices, 5-something for a small, 8-something for a medium, 10- or 11-something for a large.

The medium was pretty big even for my girlfriend and me to share. The fries are excellent. The amount of curds and gravy is very generous. What I loved the most about this poutine is the gravy. It is like a KFC gravy, much much better than the tangy bland runny sauce that is used in 90% of poutines everywhere in this area.

Curious to try their Sicilian which is tomato sauce and spicy sausage I think.

Nice, airy dining area, reminiscent of Belle Province or other greasy spoon joints in Quebec, with plastic booths. Lots of parking. Very friendly service and fast. Fresh fries coming out all the time.

Not sure of the exact address but it is at Greber and La Gappe, in an area with lots of different stores in a strip that runs between La Gappe and Maloney.

Hard to miss coming driving on La Gappe, the sign is in a western style font.