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2018 Jan 26
This place is now closed. A spa has replaced it.

2014 May 21
We often just grab the bento boxes for lunch and they are lots of food for a good price and taste great.

Go there almost weekly now.

2014 Apr 11
Picked up some lunch here today, take-out. They have changed their policy on take-out in that one car order anything off the menu at the counter (includes more items than before). This was the main reason I did not go for take out as most of the items I wanted were not available.

I'm wondering if this means the sashimi is available at lunch as well.

I was very pleased with the handrolls and the spicy salmon sushi (very generous!). Also, there is plenty of spicy sauce (which I'm a fan of, after all - it IS supposed to be spicy!)

The maki was okay, but not as good as the other two items.

The place is pretty busy at lunchtime.

2014 Apr 5
Went there last night. I'm no sushi expert but it took 3 minutes until the first item arrived and it was an avalanche of delicious from then on. I laughed at the ipad ordering system but its clearly very efficient and its nice to look over what you've ordered (also eliminated greed on my part hehe). The downside was that my girlfriend needed to flag down a server to ask if certain plates were vegetarian and I actually misinformed her when guessing if the spring rolls were :( That could be fixed with a little info icon on each of the food icons

Overall, I was very impressed and glad to live a 5 minute walk away.

2014 Feb 25
Ugh, gross. Thanks for the heads-up. Absolutely not worth the price in my eyes then.

2014 Feb 24
Yes, it is NOT on the tablet and I even asked at the front while paying and they confirmed that it is only for dinner.

2014 Feb 24
Hmmm, that's odd. I went last month and the price did include sashimi for me. Is that tab unavailable on the tablet?

I assumed the place had a flat-price for lunch or dinner and that all items were available during any time of the day.

As for my opinion of the place (since I'm already here), the food was so-so, the price was o-kay considering it includes sashimi but it's a bit hard to justify as a work outing if not that many people indulge in sashimi.

2014 Feb 20
Sorry new user 5817, I was just there last week and sashimi is NOT included in the AYCE lunch menu.

In any case, I enjoyed my lunch, but 18$ for lunch is rather pricy.

As long as the food remains good, I will continue to go.

2014 Feb 19
Just FYI, the AYCE price went up because they've added sashimi. The old 14$ AYCE didn't include that, so it was basically like every other sushi joints' lunch menu. I don't know how you're able to project that they aren't making enough money? Compare 18$ now to the dinner price of every other sushi place downtown and it's a great deal.

2014 Jan 29
I was quite impressed with my first dining experience at EAF. The service was prompt and polite. The space was large and clean. And the food was quite respectable given the AYCE option.

The rolls were tight. They donít skimp on the ingredients. Despite being vegan, I had plenty to eat and eat I did! I particularly liked the eggplant (tempera-d served in a teriyaki sauce).

It is pricier than other Japanese AYCEs scattered around the city (e.g. lunch $18.99 vs $13/14.99) but I do think you get good value for money. I would definitely return.