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2014 Jan 29
I was quite impressed with my first dining experience at EAF. The service was prompt and polite. The space was large and clean. And the food was quite respectable given the AYCE option.

The rolls were tight. They donít skimp on the ingredients. Despite being vegan, I had plenty to eat and eat I did! I particularly liked the eggplant (tempera-d served in a teriyaki sauce).

It is pricier than other Japanese AYCEs scattered around the city (e.g. lunch $18.99 vs $13/14.99) but I do think you get good value for money. I would definitely return.

2013 Dec 20
Got lunch here today. Ordered a Salmon Lover Combo.

The menu says it contains:
Salmon lover (2), salmon sashimi (2), salmon sushi (2), salmon roll (6), spicy salmon roll (6).

So first I had to find out what a salmon lover roll was. I did ask someone, but the poor girl was unable to explain exactly what was in it besides salmon.

In any case, I ordered the item.

Quite a big plate for 13.99. The spicy salmon rolls were very very good and big without falling apart - always satisfied with those. The ratio of inside items is very good.

Sashimi was not cold enough. The rice on everything except spicy salmon had a very vinegary taste which I did not enjoy. I'm almost thinking that the spicy salmon was made with either older or newer rice?

Perhaps I will just order only spicy salmon roll :)

I really like their spicy sauce because it IS spicy.

2013 Nov 18
Sadly, my predictions for the short life of this restaurant are starting to materialize. They have already boosted their prices as they were not making enough money. $14.95 all you can eat just cannot be profitable. Attendance is also low beyond lunch (a downtown Ottawa disease). I still think that they are a good deal at $18.95 all you can eat, but I also still believe they are doomed. Their location just doesnt work for that kind of food. Sad !

2013 Nov 12
Have now tried the AYCE. Definitely some items you cannot get on the takeout that are very good.

One of my favs is the spicy salmon sushi, which comes wrapped in seaweed - I so wish it was available for takeout!

The AYCE rolls are much smaller than the takeout ones, but I much prefer their size actually, since they have less of the crispies and the same amount of fish.

2013 Oct 31
I love the place. I am crazy about their crab rolls which also contain some of that crispy stuff. I think it add texture to the roll and does not detter from the flavour. I cant stop eating them. They also have great dragon rolls. I especially like the one with salmon coloured spicy sauce on top (sorry I cant remember the name). All of this for an all you can eat price of $14.95.

Too bad this is Ottawa, I think they will not survive. After the sidewalks are rolled up and put away at 7:00 pm, the place is empty. I doubt they will be able to keep this level of quality and pricing for very long. Enjoy while it lasts.

202 Bank Street

2013 Oct 24
This restaurant is now open on Bank and I have been a couple of times.

The rolls are certainly huge and nice tasting. The only issue I have is for the Spicy Salmon maki roll, they load it with that crispy stuff. There is plenty of salmon, so it certainly is not required as it makes the rolls quite large.

The salmon tasted very nice. I only had take-out and have not tried the AYCE option.

They have iPads for menus. They offer Sushi, Pho, Bubble tea.

They do not offer hand rolls and the only roll with seaweed outside is not available, which I am sad about as I enjoy those.

I recommend trying it out as the price is very good and the fare is pretty good. A nice option for the area.

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