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Latin Bistro
Latin Bistro
Latin Bistro
Torta mil hojas at Latin Bistro
Argentinian Empanadas at Latin Bistro
Peruvian Empanadas at Latin Bistro
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2014 Jun 22
stopped in for the first time and grabbed some empanadas. they were really good. different styles too. i almost went back for seconds today.

2014 Mar 27
I did not have good luck here.
At my lunchtime visit I opted for a cheese chili rellenos. The combo was one pepper stuffed with cheese, about 3/4 cup of rice, some refried black beans and a can of pop. This cost me $19 after tax! The chili relleno was soggy (it was not freshly fried) and served cold. The whole meal left me very disappointed...half of it went in the garbage.

2014 Mar 18
...other half of menu...

2014 Mar 18
Back again, everything was as good as remembered. They had a guest chef in, 'Juantia', whipping up Mexican dishes... the mole chicken was insanely good, the tortillas were made on the spot, i don't even know what they did to the lamb but i want more of it, with the home-made hotsauce. Empanadas were awesome, churros were a religious experience.

The Menu...

2014 Feb 17
Finally finally tried this place...

Took takeaway (tookaway?) twice last week, mid-Feb 2014.

Juan and Heidi, the couple running the place, are super-nice and happy to get feedback and talk food.

They have a bunch of different empanadas going all the time. This is a weakness of mine so i had to sample a few... as in four. I'm not going to be able to identify them from memory but all were excellent. Delicious dough, tasty ample fillings, and they tasted just made.

The mole chicken and dirty rice are not to be believed awesome. Tasted like someone's chef grandmother made everything (technically one did). The mole sauce is insanely good... i could eat this on anything.

Rallenos (battered peppers stuff w beef) were tasty and ample. One note - microwaves are the enemy. Still, tasty beef filling and more excellent rice saved the sadly assaulted pepper (my fault, not theirs, just a cautionary note).

And then we have the churros. The made that day and almost sold-out already churros. The omg these are good give me more churros. Long star-shaped dough sticks filled with dolce de lece... put it this way.... it wasn't about how many i could eat, it was just a question of how many were available. Damn they were addictive!

Also, they sell frozen Brazillian cheese breads. If you have not tried these little balls of cheese and tapioca flour and happinesss and joy then you owe it to yourself to do so stat.

Pricewise (combining two visits) six empanadas, mole chicken, rallenos, the cheesebreads, the churros and two other desserts all came to $100, which for us amounted to six individual meals plus dessert and extra Brazilian cheese bread which someone may have had as a late night snack.

2013 Oct 23
I was in the area so I stopped in. The ladies at the counter are super friendly. I tried the empandas, peruvian chicken and spicy argentinian beef. Both were very good, I also got the hot salsa which was very tasty and amped up the mild chicken empanada. The cost for two empanadas was $10 which is a bit steep, even for homemade goodness. Next time I will try a sandwich or the tacos.

2013 Oct 18
I stopped in at the Latin Bistro yesterday and brought home 3 Peruvian beef and 3 Argentinian chicken empamadas - they were out of the spicy Arg. beefs. I just had 1 of the Peruvians for lunch heated in a toaster oven - mild, somewhat crisp crust (nicely thin) with a touch of sweetness, mild flavour with a piece of egg yolk in the filling. I ate it with a little tub of their hot salsa and it made it all even better (and the salsa is nicely hot).
Added note: this Sat. they will have someone in to make arepas, demo-ing and selling all day. Stop in for freshly made arepas!

2013 Oct 4
Dropped in for lunch with friends and everything was delicious.

We ordered the Argentinian Empanadas and the Peruvians and I have to say that Peruvians won on thit one. The beef was moist and I actually liked the sweetness of the dough. Like KenV said, Argentanian ones are a little more spicy.

I also ordered the Churrasco sandwich which was decently good, Beef was tender which can sometime be super chewy.

Friends ordered the burrito and the Butiffara sandwich. All good comments from both. The tortilla for the burrito was fresh and homemade. The owner from Chili brought us free Empanadas which was really nice.


2013 Oct 3
Stopped by today and got some empanadas. They had two regional recipes available. The Peruvian empanadas had a slightly sweet dough. The beef were a bit spicy and chicken a tad bland both had hard boiled egg mixed in . If you want big flavors the Argentine recipe is where it is at. Pictured are Peruvian.


2013 Oct 3
These Argentinian Empanadas were my thing. All three varieties were very flavorful. The beef had a good kick to them but not overpowering. The spinach and cheese were unique almost a cross between an Indian/Italian flavor. Chicken was good but I would stick to the beef and spinach. Pastry was perfect light and flaky not greasy at all. Hope tamale day is coming soon :)

2013 Nov 21
Picked up two torta mil hojas (mille-feuille). Very good, thick pastry layers with a lot of dulce de leche in between. Very rich, could not finish in one sitting. Will go back to try more of their desserts.