Foods from Haldi


2014 Sep 6

We ate there after a bike ride that brought us to Little Italy. The curries were very good, as was the service. The food can be really spicy though ! If there are two pepper symbols beside it on the menu, I think most people would find it quite hot.

2013 Sep 19
I noticed this new place when I was walking down on Preston. I work close to the area, so I decided to do a take out. They are giving 10% off pickup which was also attractive. I ordered the Chicken Vindaloo which is referred to as the spiciest dish on the menu with a 3 chilli rating. I skipped the rice and ordered a garlic naan instead. The order was hot and fresh. The lady who was serving was very warm and friendly and chatted while I was waiting for my order to be packed up. I find most South asian restaurants lacking in service but this one was surely different.
To the food, the chicken vindaloo was a generous portion. The curry was smooth and thick and the chicken pieces were well cooked yet tender. It was quite spicy as I literally had tears in my eyes and nose - In terms of spice, I would give it more like 6 chillies or stars. Maybe having it on a bed of bland rice would have offset the spice level. But it was bursting with flavour and spices and was actually quite tasty once you get over the spiciness part. The naan was soft, well cooked and was stuffed with garlic inside as opposed to having it on top like many other places.
As I mentioned, the portions are generous, so I still have half my curry left for lunch on another day. For $16, I thought it was a good deal for 2 days of lunch! I think this place really stands out in a street flooded with Italian eateries and if their service and quality remains the same, then they will make an impact. I will try some of the less spicy dishes and update my post in the future.
Also I am not affiliated with this restaurant in any way (I am guessing that is why the previous poster got thumbed down so many times). He/she sure is right about the price and quality.

2013 Aug 29
This restaurant is located at 449 preston street. It's a brand new restaurant and the quality of the food is amazing. The service is awesome. Two people can have a four course meal for under $40.00.

I have been recommending this restaurant to everyone I know. This is by far the best indian restaurant in town. .