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2013 Jul 16
We went today and we both had the Belcher brisket burger and an order of sweet potato fries that we shared. The brisket burger was excellent, the brisket melt in your mouth tender with a nice sauce mopped on it. And bonus - they toast the bun! The sweet potato fries were the best I have ever had. They are coated in what seems to be almost a very light tempura batter and are positively addictive. They come with a spicy aioli type dipping sauce. The burgers were $6 each which seems cheap but the size of the burger falls between a regular grocery hamburger bun and a slider type bun - in other words, it's not all that big. Also, tax is not included. The sweet potato fries are $4 plus tax. The other offering were fish tacos also for $6, with today's fish being salmon. I don't know how many tacos you get. Hghly recommended.

2013 Jul 9
Urban Cowboy finally opened up in Old Ottawa South (Bank & Glen), and I went along today to sample their fare.

This was the Halibut fishcake, and it was super tasty with bits of red onion, potato and pepper in it along with nice moist flakes of 'ocean wise' Halibut.

The salad with it was pretty standard, the vinaigrette was nice but nothing outstanding. The little pot of sauce was very good though. I was expecting tartar sauce, but this had a little kick to it which had me scooping out the container with my finger even though the fish was long gone.

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2014 Apr 27
This was a generous Po Boy with two huge pieces of cornmeal crusted catfish, jalapeņo aioli and tomatoes on a nice bun. Very fresh and tasty, they breaded and fried it in front of me, and a great value for 8$. Glad the Urban Cowboy is back.