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2016 Jun 26
Last Thursday we decided to stop in at the restaurant on Limebank. The place was empty when we go there at 5:30PM. Got a Lug Tread and the chicken and rib combo. I was a bit disappointed our server did not mention it was all you can eat rib night. The smoke profile on the ribs was pretty light with no smoke ring to speak of, same with the chicken. You get a drum leg with the chicken and it is not that substantial. No option of dry rub is available and this place caters to the sweet saucy taste which I found a bit odd since he is of Texas lineage. No option by the pound ordering seemed to be available on the menu so if you want pulled pork or brisket you may have to order a sandwich or the other option was the platter at $45. The bright spot were the sides, my fries were excellent and the mac and cheese with bacon option was outstanding. The prices are comparable with other smokehouses in Ottawa yet the amount of food is not Texas sized.

2015 Apr 10
We came here to the restaurant for lunch today. I had the shrimp tacos and a side order of sweet potato fries. One of the things I LOVED about the sweet potato fries at the food truck is that delicious crispy coating which sadly, was noticeably absent here. They were also unevenly cooked. When I mentioned it, the waitress said she would let the kitchen know. The tacos were flour tacos and small but I seldom eat tacos so maybe they are supposed to be that size - at most 4" across? They came with two very small shrimp per taco. When we finished the waitress asked if I wanted to take the rest of the fries home. I said no, because they were not very good. She said she would let the kitchen know and they would be better "next time". My husband had a burg and a side of fries. He said the burg was good but he would have been just as happy with a burger from World Burger. He said his fries were okay. The waitress was very pleasant and service was friendly. Not in a hurry to go back. And, OSM, they do have fish tacos on the menu.

2014 Oct 8
Stopped by for a Belcher Burger I guess it's called and I got a pretty good sandwich. The brisket was tough, unfortunately, and I got a lot of gristle. The flavours were very good with some smoke and tangy bbq sauce. Then there was the potato bun. Where has this thing been my whole life? Where do they get them? Delicious bun.

2014 Aug 4
Ahh yes... forgot to mention they were pulled pork egg rolls

2014 Aug 4
What's inside?

2014 Aug 4
Could have used a bit more vinegar in the sauce to compensate for the richness of the deep fried wrapper but an otherwise delicious concoction from the cowboy. The wrapper was crisp, filling tender and the crispy ends were lovely. Would definitely get this again. Giddyup.

2014 May 13
Stopped by with friends over the weekend and again, everything was delicious. Catfish po'boy was really good with big chunks of catfish and super tasty aioli. Belcher burger was nice and smoky with just the right amount of sauce. Special of the day was chocolat Peanut butter ice cream sandwich. Was good but too rich for me.

2013 Sep 3
Taco Salad

2013 Sep 3
Taco Salad from Urban Cowboy. Awesome grilled shrimps with Smoked Brisket. The salad was fresh and the vinaigrette was on point.

2013 Sep 1
Just adding a photo of the Belcher burger & sweet potato fries.

felinefan pretty much nailed the description, so not much else to add other than both the burger and fries are heavenly.


2014 Apr 27
This was a generous Po Boy with two huge pieces of cornmeal crusted catfish, jalapeņo aioli and tomatoes on a nice bun. Very fresh and tasty, they breaded and fried it in front of me, and a great value for 8$. Glad the Urban Cowboy is back.