This vendor no longer exists!


Foods from Diamond Shawarma

2010 Apr 30
Terrible, Terrible Terrible. Refer to the previous two posts. They have it bang on. TO make a long story short, hit up Shawarma Palace or Castle Shawarma or Maroush (not the best shawarma places, but they are on rideau and they won't prompt a stomach pump) and avoid this place. *shudder*

2007 Sep 6
LOL - I think the only reason this place is in business is because it is known for its after hours liquor delivery. They charge 3 times the price of regular prices to deliver booze at 3 am. As the previous poster stated, the chicken is dry (has probably been on spit for a week), vegetables are not fresh, and sauce is suspect at best. If it wasnt for strippers picking up booze at early time of the night this place would be long gone...

2006 Sep 26
These guys don't bother to make eye contact and also don't like to have to change the food in the shawarma-supply fridge. The kitchen looks grotty and, like so many hole-in-the-wall shawarma places, they just try to do too much, and fail at almost all of it.


2006 Sep 26
Old ingredients, not enough meat and too much sauce. I last had shawarma at this place over two years ago and the memory still smarts. (It was among the closest food outlets to my home and therefore had many opportunities to redeem itself.)