Elmdale Oyster House and Tavern
Elmdale Oyster House and Tavern
Elmdale Oyster House and Tavern
Elmdale Oyster House and Tavern
Elmdale Oyster House and Tavern
Elmdale Oyster House and Tavern
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2013 Apr 27
Made a reservation here for last night and eagerly awaited our visit all week.

We had a good time overall mostly due to the great atmosphere of this place. Loved the casual decor and the very spacious feel. Never once did we feel cramped or crowded (a big plus for me).

There were some highs and some lows:

Service was extremely slow and disjointed (yes they were very busy so I will go back on a Sun - Wed and give it another try).

Food was hit and miss.

Starters: oysters - very fresh with a great assortment of toppings to choose from

Pickled eggs - foodgasmic according to those who ate them

Fries - no one was impressed with the fries - they were pretty limp - no crispiness at all and no creative dipping sauces, just ketchup and mayo


Fish and (fries replaced with coleslaw) - Fish was all batter with very little fish inside and batter was tasteless

Coleslaw was delicious and tangy

Beef sandwich was enjoyed

Mussels (coconut curry)- while they tasted good, there was literally NO sauce AT ALL in the pot? The best part of mussels is soaking up the sauce with your bread - the person who ordered it was sorely disappointed by this

I had the lobster roll and was underwhelmed. A few little pieces of lobster and that was it - way overpriced at $22 - not impressed at all. Side salad was tasty, fries were limp.

We had to go elsewhere after for dessert and coffee because they do not serve anything but regular brewed coffee and everyone wanted a cappuccino. That seems a bit behind the times to me?

So we would return on a less busy night to see if the service and food improve. If not it will be our last visit.

2013 Apr 24
Totally spontaneous ... decided to try Elmdale Oyster House mid week. Couldn't get reservations but as suggested by staff, found a spot at the bar. Best suggestion yet! The two of us found a great spot at the bar that allowed a lot of interaction with their incredibly talented, knowledgeable and entertaining bar staff. We shared oysters to start and had the fish and chips and steamed lobster for our mains. My boyfriend found his lobster over done and chewy and couldn't keep his paws off my fish. If you're a martini person as I am, you have to have a dirty martini here. Addicting! The atmosphere is casual cool, just the kind of place you want to hang out, have a few drinks and a great meal. Will definitely be going back!

2013 Apr 9
I don't believe it was a 'clean' version. Does that mean that by playing an album with a swear word at 11.30 on Saturday night they are not a family restaurant? I'm not sure, I don't know the rules, hahaha. Personally, I would find it more odd for a child to be there at 11.30 than hearing a swear word on some music being played at that time. Just personal opinion. I also got the vibe that they were very agreeable and if someone was offended that opinion could probably be voiced.

2013 Apr 8
Grobe .... was it the Explicit Lyrics version of Outkast's Aquemini ? Or is this truly a family restaurant ?

2013 Apr 8
We hit up the Elmdale on Saturday with some friends. Couldn't get a reservation so went early looking to sit at the bar. Arrived at about 6.30 and it worked out great with the staff being super accommodating. We we able to sit 7 at the bar and would have settled to be split up but it worked out so that we were all together. It was great where we were sitting cause we saw lots of action and had some great chats with the staff. Super friendly. I had the lobster roll that came with fries and salad. It was good and I would say worth the $22 price tag. The kicker for me was the homemade brioche bun that it's served on. The lobster itself they do serve as a lightly sauced salad(I didn't pause to long to inspect it cause I was hungry). Solid but I'm actually okay with straight up lobster. I found my meal filling although some others in the group did think there plates were a little small. The brioche bun really filled me up. Good beer selection and like I said earlier the bar staff really took care of us.
They also get full points on music for playing Outkast's Aquemini.

2013 Apr 4
We went today and my husband had the fish and chips and I had the lobster roll. He said the fish and chips are up there with the best he has had. Two nice big pieces of cod and wonderful home made skinny fries. Also house made tartar sauce, cole slaw and some pickled ginger. I had the lobster roll. I thought the lobster could have used more dressing and while they were very generous with the amount of lobster, I thought there was too much bread. It was on homemade bread cut into a roll shape. The quality of the lobster is first rate. The roll was $22. I'll be back for sure but I think I will have the fish and chips next time.

2013 Apr 4
Those prices are correct.

2013 Apr 3
I went looking for the receipt but no luck. I think the fish and chips were $15 and the lobster roll at $20. Both very filling dishes.

2013 Apr 3
What are their prices like, say, for fish and chips?

2013 Apr 3
I stopped by for lunch and it was as good an experience as the original Whalesbone. In fact, I also had the fish and chips which was great. My companion loved the lobster roll. The oysters rocked as usual and the knowledgable staff explained the provenance of each. The staff is excellent on all fronts. I also really liked the room. It has a very comfortable feel to it and sitting at the bar, something I usually avoid, was great.

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