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1433 Wellington St. West

Illume Espresso Bar
Coffee at Illume Espresso Bar
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2015 Mar 23
Just taking care of the status early. I focus on the future. :)

2015 Mar 23
Weird that this listing says the business does not exist, but they just announced they are closing on March 31.

2013 Jun 20
Personally, I love their whoopie pies. But I agree that they aren't as good if they aren't super fresh or if they're refrigerated. I only get them from the bakery itself, or if I must, after they've been just delivered to one of their Farm Boy locations.

2013 Jun 20
Haha.. good to know, thanks! :-)

Perhaps it wasn't super fresh, or maybe the carrageenan used to make those marshmallows does something funny when squished and refrigerated. All I know is that the filling was like a somewhat dry and flavourless Oreo cookie center.

2013 Jun 20
Actually FF, apparently the filling is made from marshmallows made locally. Who knew?

2013 Jun 10
The best that vegan baked goods can hope to be is "surprisingly okay." The whoopie pie here is no exception. It looks amazing and tastes nice and salty-sweet, but that filling is just icing sugar with some moisture and the cookie part is a little chewier than it should be. If you're vegan you can live with your compromises, but if you don't have dietary restrictions you will likely agree that a butter and egg product would taste much better. This one is not gluten-free, but they also offer an all-chocolate whoopie pie that is.

$4 for a giant 4-inch diameter sandwich. It is way too big, as it must be to justify its vegan price. ;-)

2013 Jan 23
I've had a couple americanos here that hit the spot, but i think i'll leave the java-reviews to the impressive number of afficionados on this site and simply draw attention to this place now being open.

Pleasant staff, modern decor, wifi, smattering of tables, baked / prepared food products that seem to shoot for that same healthy/organic food niche Bridgehead's had success with. Looks like they might also carry some of those fancy coffee making gadgets you'd see @ the BH on Preston.



2013 May 9
Very nice coffee -- in my cappuccino (inset) the Bolivian espresso tasted just like the Bolivian I roast at home. The coffee drinks are well prepared and the sizes are exactly the way I like them! (6 oz cappuccino with 2 shots of espresso, 10 oz latte, macchiato has just a small dollop of foam, etc)

My wife commented that she prefers the latte I make, but only when I luck out with the TruTaste milk from Costco, which steams much better than anything else (including TruTaste from other stores) for some reason...

I was hoping to have a treat with my coffee but most of what they had was gluten-free stuff that didn't look too appealing to me. Perfect if you're celiac, but not so great if you're not.