1189 Chemin de la Montagne, Gatineau, Quebec

Les Délices à Ti-père
Foods from Les Délices à Ti-père

2013 May 15
This is my favourite breakfast place. We came here for Mother's day. The eggs benny are amazing and well priced. My spouse had the breakfast poutine, and requested a poached egg instead of the scramble eggs on top. Home fries, chopped meat of your choice, cheese curds, poached egg and homemade Hollandaise sauce. I am having that next time!

2013 Mar 17
Thanks to Hungry in the Hills, we wended our way to this place today. My husband had the special, which consisted of scrambled eggs, toast,sausages, tourtiere, baked beans, cretons , and home fries with onions. I had the single eggs benedict which came with home fries with onions and fruit and I also had a side order of baked beans.

Let's get my one negative comment out of the way first. My dish was described as a single egg benedict with home fries and fruit. The fruit consiste of a single piece of orange, a 1/8 slice from a whole orange. I don't know if that is their usual serving size but if it is, it is a vast overstatement. I expected something a bit more.

That said, we thoroughly enjoyed everything we ate. The potatoes are what I call real potatoes, not deep fried nuggets. The requested scrambled eggs were ordered well scrambled, well done and that is how they came. The toast was actually toasted as opposed to the flaccid pale stuff one usually gets.

They were very, very generous with their hollandaise sauce which I appreciated. I should mention too that service is very friendly and they make you feel welcome.

I highly recomment this place and I look forward to returning.

2013 Jan 21
I must have driven by this place hundreds of time and never paid attention to it. It is on Chemin de la Montagne, near the intersection of Notch road, on the west side of Gatineau park. It is a small diner that really doesn't look like much but serves really good, traditional bacon and eggs breakfast, as I found out this past Sunday.

Everyone at the table had a variation of eggs, bacon, cretons and beans and everyone finished their plates. It all came with toast and a side of home fries with onions (latter optional with no charge). Le spécial du chef comes with cretons and beans. Le spécial Ti-Père has all of the previous items AND with tourtière.

I had 2 eggs, 1 pancake and bacon as you can see in the picture. The bacon is crispy at the right level of crispy! It also comes with 2 toast. I took the picture after my daughter jumped on half my toasts!

I haven't been all of the diner brunch places but I would rate this way higher than Al's diner.