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Roast or BBQ pork.... a little different from Cha Sui, which is strips of pork tenderloin roasted in a red coloring, this is usually a whole roast pig.

The Spanish and Portuguese as well as most European cultures have a similar dish... the Brits call it whole roast pig or roast suckling pig, the Spanish cochinillo and the Portuguese Leitão.

Where to get Roast Pork


2007 Jul 29
The Roast Pork is one of the meats Jo Moon Ting has hanging in their window. I was quite thrilled with this dish, in part because of its simplicity. The pork was served at room temperature and cut into bite-sized cubes with the crispy fatty skin arranged on top. The flavour of the lean meat was very mild, with a pleasant (if you like it) porky flavour. The crispy skin was slightly salty and had a greasy tongue-feel. Sounds boring and kind of gross, huh? Well, the magic happens when you eat them together! Pop a cube of lean pork in your mouth and then quickly take a bit of crispy skin. As a well known pork lover often says... BAM! ;-)

This is quite a different dish from Char Siu (BBQ Pork). The only sweetness comes from the optional Hoisin sauce that accompanies it. The flavours are more subtle and natural, which is a good thing but not necessarily a better thing.




2013 Aug 11
Went for the Roast Pork ($5.99/lb) and was delightfully pleased with it. Crunchy skin, easy on the spices and salt, fresh and hot!