Poutine at Vanier Snack Shack
Foods from Vanier Snack Shack

2013 May 4
The search is over. This is by far the tastiest poutine we we have tried yet in Ottawa. Bit of a drive but worth it. The fries are a smaller cut yet something about the oil makes you crave them. I didn't detect much salt on the fries and it certainly was not needed.This is the first time in a while that some squeak has come from a curd:) The gravey is dark with visible herbs,rich without an overpowering saltiness. The medium left me wanting more. The positioning of the curd a bit different. Curd on the very bottom,fries and gravy then an ice cream scoop compacts more curd into the fries with a final drizzling of that magical gravy puts this compacted poutine above the rest.