Primarily Greek restaurant, serving pasta dishes as well, burgers, pizza, steaks, etc.

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2013 Nov 26
So much can change in only a year. Actually, less than a year since last spring I had a very forgettable breakfast here but I chalked it up to being a veggie breakfast.

Anyway, after picking up our new car at the nearby dealership, we decided to do takeout. Big mistake. Awful fries, they're the flat pseudo-fries served at places like St Louis Ribs. No semblance of potato flavour and worse, these seemed like lunch leftovers, totally inexcusable given the place was so busy.

The chicken and lamb brochettes weren't really brochettes but thin sticks, devoid of flavour and no hint of charcoal or marinade. The salad was so dry, very little vinaigrette and whatever was there was definitely not olive oil.

The only decent thing was the rice, but when you pay $17 for a plate, the rice should be secondary, not the star.

Either new ownership, or the Ottawa shuffle has made its way to Gatineau. Either way, not stepping in this dump again.

2012 Oct 17
Great place. Went here a few weeks back intending to use our Groupon. Forgot the Groupon, so we prayed that it would be good. And it was. Very good chicken souvlaki plate, tender chicken cubes, good rice and fries. My girlfriend's 4-cheese pizza was also excellent. The tzatziki appetizer was delicious, accompanied by hot pitas and black olives.

Everything very reasonably priced.

The Groupon visit two weeks later was even better. My flank steak was fantastic, nice portion, cooked medium rare to perfection, with delicious, perfectly cooked, nicely fatty sauteed mushrooms, grilled veggies, and 'grelot' potatoes, not sure what these are in English, not quite fingerlings I guess, basically the round, little spuds. Fantastic little mushroom dipping sauce on the side.

The comp warm ciabattas with butter before our app arrived, a nice touch.

The only strike for this place is the Caesar salad, quite bland. I will try the garden salad next time.

The house wine was excellent, and well-priced at $14 the half-litre. My first visit, I liked the draft Rolling Rock.

The loukaniko app was tasty, fresh, juicy and charcoaly. Very generous portion, too.

We finished with pumpkin pie (made by our waiter. Information we were given only after we ordered it, which I appreciate; no shameless promo in other words). The coffee was also great, which promises for our planned breakfast visit breakfast, as I usually excuse an average breakfast if the coffee is excellent.

Our waiter was very attentive, efficient and professional.

Cozy, modern environment in the corner unit of an otherwise average strip mall which also features the execrable Scores.

For Saturday night, make a rez. Otherwise, go after 9, when it's still pretty lively, but no lineup.


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Souvlaki -1