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121 Preston St.

Hủ Tiếu M Gia
Hủ Tiếu at Hủ Tiếu M Gia
Hủ Tiếu at Hủ Tiếu M Gia
B Kho at Hủ Tiếu M Gia
Gỏi Cuốn (Summer Roll) at Hủ Tiếu M Gia
Foods from Hủ Tiếu M Gia

2016 Apr 30
Had the banh mi, rice paper wrap and roll mixed meat platter, spring rolls and fried rice with chicken - everything was very good. The Vietnamese sausage and grilled pork in particular were very, very good. I'm going back for the bho ko and banh mi the next chance I get! Service was super friendly, very family friendly. I'm glad I finally tried this place.

2013 Mar 5
Visited for Saturday lunch with a Vietnamese friend. I was excited to try the hand-pulled egg noodles described here:

When I queried the server, I learned that the noodles are in fact *not* made in-house. To my knowledge, there are no noodle soup restaurants in Ottawa that make their own noodles.

Here's what we had:

A7. Goi cuon nem nuong - Vietnamese sausage salad rolls. First time trying this and it's a great alternative to the usual shrimp/pork ones! Ate them too quickly to take a photo!

A2. Cha gio tom - Shrimp spring rolls. Tasty, filling padded with taro.

M3. Hu tieu mi gia - With egg noodles (the store-bought kind). This soup is a wonderful tasty meal!

B5. Bun chao tom - Vermicelli bowl with shrimp on sugar cane. It was okay, but the sugar cane was the thinnest I've ever seen and the shrimp paste was thicker and more brown than other places. The shrimp was enjoyable to eat but lacked the delicate shrimp flavour I've enjoyed elsewhere.

All in all, Hủ Tiếu M Gia is a good contender in Ottawa's Vietnamese food scene, offering some dishes that the more common Pho houses do not.

2012 Sep 12
This new place used to be a video and Banh Mi store called Binh Video. The owner, Binh, is a friend of a food-minded Cambodian coworker of mine. My coworker was praising the food here so I went to check it out. He said it was the best Hủ Tiếu he's had in Ottawa, and I have to agree!

The only food item he's been disappointed with was the Banh Mi, which was made with soft bread rather than crusty baguette.


2012 Nov 12
FF: You weren't joking around. This soup instantly vaulted on my list of Chinatown faves along with:

Satay at Huongs
Spicy Tripe at Koreana
Special Pho at various joints around town
Corn and Crab at Jadeland
and...Wonton at Yangtse

2012 Sep 12
My wife had the Hu Tieu Mi Gia, which is this restaurant's namesake. It was absolutely stellar. I'm still salivating over the taste I had and I can't wait to go back. It was certainly one of the best broths I've ever encountered. The menu describes the soup as Egg or Rice Noodle in Chicken Broth (Hu Tieu) with BBQ Pork, Ground Pork, Shrimp, Quail Egg, Fried Bread Stick.

The fried bread stick is a smaller version of the kind you get at congee restaurants, and it is served on a side plate.


2012 Sep 12
Made to order, these were top notch! The dipping sauce was less peanutty than some but it wasn't the straight hoisin style.

2012 Dec 17
Uh oh. Is it possible that this soup is BETTER than the namesake Hi tieu?

The answer is unequivocally, emphatically yes. This soup is incredible.

I would encourage the chefs of the city to go and try the brisket in this dish, because it is so delicious it could end the tired pork belly trend in one fell swoop.

2012 Sep 12
When I saw Bo Kho written on the special board I had no choice but to order it! It looked a little small at first, but turned out to be more than satisfying due to it's richness. The meat is (authentically) quite fatty and the broth is super tasty. Get this while you can!