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2018 Dec 4
I see no one has posted here for a while. I myself haven’t been here in a while. I came here with friends after work last Friday for a drink.

The place is lively as it normally is on a Friday there was a daily pint special. We ordered a couple of appies: the spinach cheese dip and a vegetarian nachos. The cheese dip was very good. The nachos were ok but a good portion.

Still a good place to grab a pint!

2009 Aug 26
We had lunch at DMcG yesterday. I ordered the lamb burger (delicious! Moist, not too much bun, dressed well, includes blue cheese) which came with some wedges of sweet potatoes (also good but nothing spectacular - I had actually expected sweet potato fries but the wedges were fine). I think they should offer their Emerald Salad with this meal since the potatoes were pretty sparse, hence the visual of the overall dish is not that appealing. We first 'eat' with our eyes.

One friend had the Salmon Niçoise salad. It looked good - lots of fresh veggies, an assortment too. The salmon portion was kinda puny but overall the dish looked nice and yummy.

Another friend had the Tikka Masala Chicken (with rice, peas and papadum). She said it tasted good but there was very little chicken - mostly filler (onions!). She didn't eat much on that plate.

2008 Apr 30
Had dinner here before a show at the NAC a couple of weeks ago.

To start we shared the Mini Yorkshire Puddings. They were a bit on the salty side but very tasty.

For mains I ordered the New York Sirloin Wrap and asked to substitute Sweet Potato Fries instead of regular.
I did not like the wrap - it had a funny taste. I am not sure if something was off or if it was a weird spice or what but I didn't like it. I found you couldn't really taste the beef, the mushrooms were really over powering. I also burped onions all night afterwards - yuck!
When the server brought my plate, guess what? Regular fries. However, she realised it as soon as she put the plate down and brought me the sweet potato ones right away and left the regular ones as well! Yay!
Mr. KSW ordered The Club with the cranberry mayo and a side salad and loved it. (This is what I usually get but decided to try something new - darn!!)

We also had two pints each: me Harp and he Guinness (because it was half price until 6:00?)

Found the bill pretty pricey for a pub - for 2 regular pints and 2 half price pints, one app and two mains our bill including tax and tip was about $75. Ouch! Won't be making it a regular stop.

2008 Apr 23
Went there this afternoon and got the veggie burger with side salad.

I was quite impressed! The burger wasn't overly flavourful, but wasn't dry at ALL, which is quite the feat in Ottawa these days. I loved the crispy onions on top, to the point that I scrapped them off the burger and ate them separately. Mmmmm...

The salad was fantastic. I'm normally not a huge salad lover and I'm picky about my dressings, but it was absolutely wonderful and I inhaled the whole thing.

Service was attentive, but not intrusive.

2007 Jul 30
I am a fan of D'arcy McGee's Pub and love the club sandwich! The chicken pot pie is great as well.
Have to agree with Kmennie: "Waffle-cut potatoes with nippy cheese sauce" are pretty much "McCain's topped with Cheez Whiz." A pity.

We were hoping for something more then fries with cheese whiz but at least we'll know for next time...skip the cheesy fries. Other then that the other dishes i have tried have been good.

2006 Nov 8
This is an okay place to drink, but the food's pretty dreadful. Four slices of pale cardboard tomato on shredded iceberg lettuce with a smattering of goat cheese does not make for an acceptable salad. "Waffle-cut potatoes with nippy cheese sauce" are pretty much "McCain's topped with Cheez Whiz." A pity.

2008 Apr 30
The sweet potato fries were excellent here. I usually get them at the Works but had not tried them at D'Arcy's. They were just as good if not better.
Nice and sweet tasting and very light and crispy. Why get regular fries when you can get sweet potato??
My only complaint? They need some good dipping sauces like they have at the Works (mmmm....chipotle mayo). I cannot in good conscience dip sweet potato fries in ketchup.


2013 Jul 7
My family dined here Saturday at lunch after our first choice was closed. I wasn't expecting much more than regular pub fare, and when I ordered a vegeburger I definitely thought it would be your average frozen patty. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome - a freshly made patty with bits of carrots and leafy greens, that was flavourful and held together well. The bun was not your average soft Wonderbread bun, and was thankfully much better. I opted out of the mushroom topping but the fried onions were a good addition. We all got different sides - fries, sweet potato fries, and chips. All three were quite tasty, though I preferred the sweetater fries.

Also had very attentive service, and he didn't mess up our confusing order. My one and only complaint was that all three of us thought they forgot the lettuce on our burgers, only to find we each had a sad sprinkling of shredded lettuce under the patties. Some actual lettuce would be appreciated.

Apart from that, it was actually a good experience. I would return for that burger!

2009 Jul 12
Just had an "amazing" veggie burger at this establishment. I say amazing simply because it tasted like a genuine, 1/4 pound, dribble-down-your-chin burger (I may be vegetarian now, but I remember how good the real thing tastes).

The combination of toppings, including the Portobello mushroom and thinly fried onions, were both delectable and filling. Accompanied by the equally tasty sweet potato fries and a tall glass of Creemore, this was a meal that exceeded my expectations.

2010 Jan 26
After nearly losing a finger trying to get a wing from JAWS’ plate, my bravery was rewarded with gastronomic delight. Being a big Franks fan I’m always delighted to find a wing that respects the classic flavours. Highly recommended.

Photo of potato skins also attached.

2010 Jan 26
I was at Darcy's a couple weeks ago...had to try the wings! I was feeling brave, so I went for the hot. I was not disappointed! While they do use a very buttery Frank's base, they were delicious. For those who like sauce, they were just saucy enough! My friend had the stuffed potato skins, and really enjoyed them as well. All in all, I don't think you can go wrong with the food at Darcy's.

Wing Size: 7
Flavour: 7.75
Recommended Beer: We ended up getting a mini-table keg ( $19.99 for Keith's on Wednesdays)