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Prince Ali Bakery
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2012 Jun 10
Stopped by after their opening last Saturday and then again today. Two cheese pies with veggies and a zatar with veggies and a water for just under $10. The cheese pies had a generous amount of cheese and I hope this is not a hook and the old switcheroo is coming fingers crossed because they were pretty good pies. My zatar had a bit of a different spice than the usual with less salt and not as much sesame seeds in the spice. Last Saturday and today they were baking fresh even though there was no line like at Aladdin. Pockets from spinach and feta to potato are also available. New store so it is still clean and fresh inside. The guys were very friendly and answered questions. So glad I do not have to go to Shawarma Station for rude service and stale pies for quick pie fix.