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2017 Nov 22
I feel like it is a best kept secret. Cheap but good and also filling. The naan is not my favourite either but it's a pretty good deal altogether. $8.95 tax included for the meat and veggie combo.

Pictured is the thai chicken and the spicy eggplant.

2017 Nov 22
Chickpea curry at Corner Kitchen is my go-to when I'm looking for a cheap ($7.50), delicious and plentiful meal at work. Don't fear the lemon pepper salt mix they spray on the rice; it's unorthodox but it somehow works. Extremely average naan bread included but not pictured.

2013 Nov 22
Since Angry Dragonz has closed in my work neck of the woods for the season, I ventured back to Corner Kitchen for their famous red curry soup. If you buy any sandwich you receive a free soup. Today I picked very veggie, with avocado, cucumber, beets, lettuce mix, carrots, etc. With the soup, this came to $6 after tax. A good, hearty nutrious lunch.

2013 Jan 1
Corner Kitchen makes THE best soup! Their red thai curry soup is amazing. Super spicy and flavourful and at less than $3 for a large it is a great deal. My favourite is to get scones from scone witch for the weekend and eat one with the soup! Yum!

2012 Apr 12
I'll keep this short and sweet.

A new [new to me] curry popped up at corner kitchen today, it's an eggplant curry. I can honestly say, this eggplant curry is just as good or better then any east indian version in Ottawa. Brampton would be a different story. lol.

The channa masala is killer too.
I've started skipping the naan though, cause it sucks..

I also discovered that you can get half salad and half rice! All in at under 8 bucks, there is a good reason why there is a long line up at corner kitchen every day.


2012 Mar 1
Agree on ALL points - taste, value, and cheer at Corner Kitchen, and delicious food served brusquely and stingily at Cafe Saffron (it didn't used to be like that...) Note there is also a Corner Kitchen at Place de Ville. In fact there are two! It's also called Delhi Deli or Harry's Deli. I'm not sure how the arrangement works but its clearly all the same place. However, only one of the 2 Place de Ville locations has the curries, the other one specializes in the sandwiches.

2012 Mar 1
I couldn't agree more with you, ilikerealfood. I used to eat here all the time when I worked in the area. In fact, we used to hike over here for the curry when our offices moved further away. Awesome curries and usually with bite! My only crit is that it'd be nice to have more/better seating, but what can they do about THAT? Nothing. On a nice day, bring it outside.

2012 Mar 1
I've stepped into Corner Kitchen and was quite impressed with the efficiency and the food looked quite good. I was unable to eat there due to time, but I have dealt with them with catering orders and they are wonderful to deal with!

2012 Mar 1
After my horrible experience with Andalos, I thought I would positively contribute to the website and share with you guys my new favourite lunch spot downtown.

Corner Kitchen is a canteen in the Tax Court of Canada building on Kent at Laurier. I have never once thought about walking in the building. There is a little, unassuming sign on the street that says “Corner Kitchen, soup and sandwiches”. Honestly, the advertisement of standard soup and sandwich doesn’t excite me at all, so I never tried it out.

I work with very cultured and well travelled colleagues (who like good food!!) and someone recommended that I try the curry from corner kitchen. What!?? Curry!? Yep, that right, thai-ish, Indian style curry can be had at very reasonable prices at Corner Kitchen. In addition to really tasty sandwiches (they are actually interesting – perhaps similar to what you would find at “Think Lunch”, but mostly likely better quality), they have phad-thai, a bunch of Thai soups, noodles and a section called “dheli deli”. They have 3 woks simmering with thai/Indian fusion dishes which are – brace yourself – actually flavourful and have a good dose of spice. 2 curries, rice, raita (or some kind of yoghurt) and fake naan (think Shaan curry house type naan), for under 8 bucks.

I have seen: Channa Masala, Thai Red Chicken Curry, Pad Thai (I have seen others on rotation)

The thai/Cambodia-ish ladies who work there are all really friendly. They clearly make the sandwiches fresh, and the curries are just fantastic.

I really like Café Safron across the street aswell, (which has a similar style and price point – except Safron is Thai/Chinese instead of Thai/Indian), but the employees at Café Safron get caught up on stupid stuff. When I ask for some green onion on top of my yellow curry, the guy will put like 2 microscopic pieces on. When I ask for some more, he says “sorry this is for the soup”. I even saw Safron employees charging extra crumbled peanuts on top of the food, seriously? I’m sorry, I don’t care if it’s for the soup, I want some green onions on my curry, and they cost virtually nothing (Period). So unless I need some general Tao Chicken (which is a seldom craving), Corner Kitchen will get my business everytime. Point being, Corner kitchen has an awesome staff, with an awesome ‘can-do’ attitude, great prices, and most importantly a whole slew of amazing lunch time offerings.

Highly Recommended!