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Weekend Brunch at Pressed
Weekend Brunch at Pressed
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2016 May 10
Finally made it to Pressed Waffle brunch. Although it is only steps from my abode we always seem to miss it... Usually due to being to hungry at prime brunch o'clock to wait for a table.

We were promised a 10 minute wait and it ended up being closer to five - yipee! Once seated it took a little while to actually get a menu but service was very prompt once we actually placed our orders.

It is nice to note that all the waffle brunch items include a coffee or tea. And it was good coffee, no diner brew here! My SO had the Hangover waffle and I decided to opt for the Eggs Florentine (with Kale vs. Spinach).

The Florentine was really lovely. Eggs perfectly poached, wonderful house-made hollandaise (best I have had in quite sometimes). The waffles were really light and fluffy, softer vs. Crispy. I would have loved more Kale as it was delightfully crisped and flavoured but sadly each waffle only came with one or two leaves.

The Hangover was also delicious featuring Beef Brisket, Cheese Curds and savoury chicken gravy was delicious - again the only request to make this better would have been more toppings!

I can see why this place was featured on Food Network's You Gotta Eat Here because there are some really great flavours and innovative dishes coming out of that Kitchen for prices that won't break your pocket book. I see sandwich lunch here in my near future.

2014 May 27
Finally got around to eating at Pressed. I did enjoy my black bean wrap. My little one got the mac and cheese (kiddy portion) which was really tasty. My one complaint is that the portions, particularly the mac cheese, are not very big Ė in other words, downright small. At best, the mac and cheese could have been eaten in three adult-size bites Ė and just regular bites, not heaping forkfuls. Although I have a toddler, she could have eaten far more. So although it was delicious, it was not worth $5.

What I did like was the variety of vegetarian and vegan options.

I would return, probably to try out their brunch.

2014 Apr 5
Thanks very much Pressed for your generous contribution to the Connaught Public School Stone Soup fundraiser!

2012 Aug 10
Worst steak salad ive ever had. steak was tough, I got about 4 tiny pieces and it was FREEZING cold- as in out the fridge cold. they were also out of avocado - meaning the steak, tomato and avocado salad was actually tomato a bit of lettuce and steak. it was also small for the amount. given that there were only 2 of us in the restaurant at the time i would have thought a little more care could have been taken with our meal! my friend had a panini which did look amazing however.

2012 Aug 9
Great place to visit for a coffee house beverage and a treat! The quality is good and the staff are super friendly. It's a comfortably airy space.

2012 Jul 10
Pressed gets my vote for one of Ottawa's best sandwiches.

A folk-jazz group I play with performed at Pressed last weekend. I have nothing but good things to say about this place.

a) The owner/proprieter is extremely nice and accommodating. He helped us set up, he allowed us to collect all the door money and didn't ask for a cut, helped us make change when we didn't have any left, gave us all a free pint of kischissipi etc. Class Act.

b) despite the cafe being completely filled to the brim, with only standing room remaining, the kitchen was still working, and serving food and beers and everyone I spoke to - who had the food raved about it. Oh and they didn't clang the dishes either, since our music can get quieter and nuanced. Once again, class!

c) They carry Boylans Pop. YES! All different fun flavors too! I must have had 4 or 5 over the course of the night. (@ 2.50 each, it gets pricy, but I love my artisan pops!)

2012 Jul 10
d) in my own experience I can vouch for the fantastic food! I had a smoked trout and guacamole sandwich, which came with sweet potato chips and an amazingly delicious pickled green bean. The sandwich melted in my mouth. It was made with Whalesbone sourced fish, a really well seasoned quac and beautiful bread. It was quite simply an amazing sandwich. The trout was the only menu item I tried, but I wouldn't hesitate to try anything else on the menu, as they all looked fantastic. (Much of their offerings are in a display window)

My sandwich, with a few pops was like 20 bucks, and worth every penny. Seriously though, a fine restaurant could have charged $20+ just for that sandwich.

Highly, Highly Recommended. And gentlemen.. take note, fantastic date spot to bring your lady for a casual Saturday lunch.

2012 May 10
The Sunday waffle brunch is evil and must be stopped before it takes over the world!

And i mean that in an entirely positive way.

The waffles are made on the spot, the changing toppings are nicely diverse and the two i've tried so far (cherries/whipped cream and chicken croquettes) were delicious. And evil.

Good self-refill coffee too.

Will be back. Will send others. At least, until they are stopped...

2012 May 9
I had a chance to experience lunch chez Pressed Gourmet Sandwich. So the key question: was it good and would i come back? Yeah, it was good and sure I would come back, but no huge rush since it is a bit out of my way. I had the prosciutto parmesan arugula pesto sandwich - the arugula pesto was different, unique and a very nice flavour to the sandwich. I do wish there was some actual leaves of arugula in my sandwich... needed more veggies. My sandwich came with a side of sweet potato chips - yum and healthy!

Noteworthy is their wood rustic comfortable decor and their warm and friendly customer service... there's something different and special about the customer-owner interaction that makes me want to come back.

So, 8/10 for food and 10/10 for customer service.

I do agree with the other reviewer, to a certain extent, regarding prices, seems a bit expensive even though their food is good quality.

2012 Apr 23
Iíve previously raved about Pressed, but my opinion has changed. The food still tastes really great and the space / design / aesthetic is very nice, but the value and wait for food has turned me off of this otherwise great spot.

Iíve had 4 different sandwiches here as well as the waffle brunch and it all tasted excellent. The serving size is small but there is a lot of tasted packed into these little guys. Like I wrote earlier, the big issues are price and wait. The cheapest sandwich at Pressed is the grilled 4-cheese with vegetables. This is a small vegetarian sandwich that costs $7 before taxes. The other day I ordered the wild boar - it tasted like an excellent pulled pork sandwich, but cost (get this) $11 before taxes. That works out to $12.43 for a sandwich (or 2.5 DiRienzo sandwiches). Iím not sure how much extra they are paying to use boar instead of pork, but Iíd argue that the same taste can be achieved for a much lower price. A supermarket pork shoulder is the same price as a small sandwich here! The smoked chicken and goat cheese sandwich is $8.50. And so on. I didnít think there were more expensive sandwiches in the area than those offered at Morning Owl but I was wrong.

At least at Morning Owl your sandwich is made in a reasonable amount of time. Most if not all of the sandwiches at Pressed are made fresh that day, but not as you wait. You can see the sandwiches and pick out which one you want from the glass case at the front. So then why is it OK to wait 10-15 minutes for a sandwich? Each sandwich is pressed in a panini press, which is great, but they have to get more presses or get more people working or something in order to cut down on wait times for customers who have already paid a premium price for a sandwich. Iíd expect quicker service to be included in the high price. And I should note that the long wait has not only occurred on busy days but also on days when I was the only one in the restaurant.

To attempt some balance I should mention that their sides / soups / chili are excellent and reasonably priced. The spicy potato salad is especially delicious. I do not drink coffee but Iíve heard that theirs is also very good.

Anyways, to summarize - small, unreasonably expensive sandwiches with long wait times, but delicious sides and great space. Staff are super friendly as well.


2013 May 4
The "Benedict" breakfast waffle consists of 2 waffles, 2 poached eggs, 2 slides of thick homemade bacon and Hollandaise. A very good breakfast option, period.

I wished it came with a little side of syrup because I am French Canadian by marriage so I love syrup and I also ran out of Hollandaise sauce for the last half piece of waffle.

2012 Aug 9
This is the "Hangover Waffle" -- slow cooked brisket with curds and gravy. It sounds pretty awesome, but I didn't try it so I can't really comment.

2012 Aug 9
They offer a selection of unique waffles as part of their weekend brunch menu. I had the one pictured here -- with chicken croquettes and sour cherry compote.

It was a cool idea, but I found the croquettes (made with mildly seasoned ground chicken) were very boring without the included hot sauce. And the cherry compote added a nice tang to counter the heaviness of the fried stuff but the combination just didn't work for me. YMMV.

I ended up eating this dish kind of separately: chicken croquettes with hot sauce as an appetizer, and waffles with maple syrup as dessert. It works!

2016 Jul 18
Their breakfast sandwich of egg and bacon with aioli on a croissant is awesome.

2016 Jul 17
Smoked beef brisket sandwich with onions and chipotle Mayo. Brisket was juicy and tender with just enough smoke on it. The side salad was nicely dressed and the sweet potato chips were tasty as well. The quality of ingredients was evident, however I wish the ratio of bread to filling was a bit more balanced. Great joint, I'll be sure to be back!