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Sandwiches at Lazy Pickle
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2015 Apr 8
Went by on the bus today and saw a big "for lease" sign in the window. Gonna go ahead and say it's closed.

2015 Jan 21
Now for sale:

2014 Jan 25
Not sure if anyone has noticed.
The owners at the Lazy Pickle are now offering to validate parking in the huge lot next door. After trying to fix the parking they decided this would probably be the best fix.

2013 Oct 9
Went in here the other day, they had an amazing homemade carrot & curry soup! I got chatting with the girl behind the counter and found out that all the soups are homemade, they also have organic turkey breast in their sandwiches. Nice place, clean and friendly. Will be back

2012 May 2
I stopped by to grab a sandwich here, and while I love the look, idea, and feel of the shop, I can't say I liked the food at all.

I ordered the 'Some Like it Hot' sandwich, and added $1 to make it a panini (which I also don't understand about the upcharge, especially since the sandwich was already priced pretty high). It was full of spicy/hot ingredients that didn't seem like they'd go well together -- hot mustard, spicy eggplant, banana peppers, and more.. -- but trusted that they could, since they were a menu item. I was wrong. I love hot/spicy foods, but this was ridiculous. There was just about no flavour, mostly thanks to the copious amounts of super hot mustard slathered on each side of the sandwich. Even worse, it was buried beneath melted cheese, so I couldn't even really get to scraping it off without destroying the whole thing. I couldn't finish it, and now have horrible flashbacks anytime hot mustard touches my tongue. The other ingredients (and I think there was a meat or two in there) were pretty much a non-factor.

My friend had a vegetarian sandwich, and wasn't particularly impressed either. For the prices they're asking and the type of place they present themselves to be, I expect something better than the status quo.

2012 Apr 18
I tried this place today for lunch and found it quite disappointing and overpriced. My turkey sandwich and a can of pop came to $9.00. The multigrain bun was dry or stale and the rest of the sandwich consisted of deli turkey, lettuce,tomato and one or two cold strips of bacon. The one good thing about the sandwich was the avocado spread which had a little bit of spice to it.

They charge $1.00 to turn your sandwich into a panini, which from what I could see...means they just stick your regular sandwich into the panini press for a few minutes. I don't understand the upcharge for that.

I went in looking forward to some homemade soup, but the signs w/ pictures they had up for the soup flavours were the same signs they use at the Loblaws hot food counter for the Campbell's soups they serve there. The chili sign had the word 'homemade' handwritten on it though the soup signs did not.

I would give this place another shot if they got some better quality bread and some more inventive sandwich ingriedients.

2012 Apr 16
One of the better sandwiches in Ottawa, went in not expecting much at all. Ordered the Italian Hero with spicy eggplant, and a chili. Was blown away, the chili was GREAT, the sandwich was also very good. The fresh sliced onions in it, really made it come together. They have a large variety of sandwiches on the menu. I'm eager to go back and try a number of them. 7.00 a sandwich may seem pricey, but it's a very large sandwich, and the quality is excellent. The flavor, most importantly is there as well. The service was great.

I don't give recommendations often, but this place is worth a visit. Very much so!

Did I mention the chili was amazing? :)

2012 Jan 3
Stopped in at the Lazy Pickle during the Christmas holidays. Had their signature panini, the Danwich. Oh my God!!!!! It was so good. I stayed at the deli and had a relaxing lunch. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. What a great place to have lunch. The food was fresh and the atmosphere was fantastic. I will be back!

2011 Dec 3
I stopped by at lunch today for a sandwich. I opted for the smoked meat with spicy mustard on multigrain. I really enjoyed it and the staff were very welcoming.


2011 Dec 27
A nice picture from the article in the Ottawa Metro

2011 Dec 27
Saw this in the Ottawa Metro and just had to try the place!