Fish and Chips at The Burbs Pub
Fish and Chips at The Burbs Pub
Fish and Chips at The Burbs Pub
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at The Burbs Pub
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at The Burbs Pub
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2012 Oct 30
I organized a group outing here for breakfast, and it was great. Everyone enjoyed the breakfast, the service was really good (but we were the only ones in at 7am). I had the two egg breakfast with bacon, and its as good as the descriptions below.

2012 Sep 4
We went here for lunch last Monday. Hubby had the fish and chips and I had the chicken quesadilla. I could not believe the size of the portion of fish - two huge pieces and very well prepared. Nice, crispy batter and the fries actually came "well done" as requested. My quesadilla was delicious also, with nice fresh veggies inside. Only thing missing was some salsa as it came with sour cream only. Service was also good, friendly without being in-your-face. I'll certainly stop in again when I am in the area.

2012 Mar 12
I might have to make this our next payday lunch.

2012 Mar 9
So went there with a big group from work for breakfast on the recommendation from a friend.

The poor waiter was a bit overwhelmed by the big group showing up. If I would of known so many were going to show, I would of called ahead.

I had the Hangover platter... Oh boy... that was ALOT of food.

First he brings me two huge pancakes with table syrup. The syrup tasted more like corn syrup than maple, the pancakes themselves were ok, but would of been better with a bit of whipped butter.

Then he brings the Poutine... I was expecting just a small poutine, something like the one at ESD. No no... this was HUGE... a big soup bowl filled with good thick fries, lots of curds and a nice brown gravy.

At this point... I was dreading getting more food. That's when he brought the main meal. 3 eggs cooked perfectly, bacon, that was nice and not too salty, ham that tasted like it was freshly carved, and sausage. I found the sausage a bit dry.

All in all, I'd go again.

2012 Feb 29
Well Fresh Foodie - my wife and I would have to agree that the breakfast here is one of the best in Ottawa. A little bit more expensive then the regular diners but well worth it. We decided to try dinner last night and arrived at 7pm. Small crowd leaving and we almost had the place to ourselves. They had the large Nachos on for 1/2 price so we decided to give it a try. Instead of the Regular Tex-Mex mix cheeses, I asked if we can have strictly white cheese -no problem. They came out and looked amazing - lots of Red/Green peppers, Green Onions, lots of cheese and extra salsa on the side. Excellent !! My wife wanted to try the Mac and Cheese but was not on the Main menu - they are only on the Kids menu but will make you an Adult size if requested which she did. 2 Thumbs up. I decided to try the single Fish and Chips after all the Nachos - again 2 thumbs up. I would have to say that I actually like this Fish and Chips over the The Glen by far - and I am a fan of the Glen. And the single portion is equal to that of a full Fish and Chips at other joints. Great Fries. And to top it off - they have Beau's on Tap - not bad !! The waitress did tell us that on Mondays its 2 for 1 - any entree get one free. I will be back Monday. Great spot, great food, great beer selection and excellent value

2012 Feb 25
Went with the kiddos this evening for a quick bite. Very busy (due to the Sens game), but we did not lack for servers' attention.

Many menu items appealed to us (meatball sandwich, burgers, wings, beau's cheese soup), everything purportedly made in house. Both adults opted for burgers, which were definitely formed by hand. A tad overcooked, but I blame the government not the kitchen staff, next time, I'll ask for it a little under. The accoutrement were fresh and the bun was fantastic (like a potato bun). The fries were thick and if not fresh cut, then a very close facsimile.

The kids menu is small, but priced well ($5 - $6 without a drink) and definitely suitable for kids under 8. The grilled cheese was made with real cheese and was VERY stretchy, which made my daughter happy. The mac and cheese was honestly the best I'd ever tasted. I stole quite a bit from my son.

Bill was reasonable, $53 before tip, for two adults, 2 kids (inc 2 beaus). Similar to the chains, but the quality was MUCH better.

The server was courteous and prompt. Not much more you can ask for.

Since I like to complain about SOMETHING, I felt the $3 for a small chocolate milk was aggregious. However, the mac and cheese at $5 was steal (in resto terms) so I'll call this one a draw.

We eat out a lot, and I am jealous of those close to Petit Bills/Tennessy Willems/et all, but I wouldn't trade my lot for anything. It is nice to have something decent in the far west.

We'll be back... maybe even in the next few days.

2011 Dec 1
Recently purchased and re-opened by the owners of La Cucina, this high end sports bar looks like a promising addition to the neighbourhood!

The TV screens are still plentiful (although smaller) but now you can get trendy beers on tap: Beau's Lug Tread, Mill St. Tankhouse, Steamwhistle, etc.

Breakfast was excellent! The dinner menu looks promising.


2016 May 19
I'm happy to report that there are still good FnC to be had here! $14.95 gets you this plate with a large hunk of fish, tasty batter, with a perfect (for me) balance of crunch and yield, excellent fries, and top notch pink slaw.

Real nice with an Ashton Brewing Company Amber ale!

2012 Sep 1
Stuffed myself silly with the two-piece again. I don't think I've had better fried fish in Ottawa, and definitely never a larger portion than this! If you like fish and chips, you owe it to yourself to try these.

Note to self: next time I get the two-piece, try to get a salad instead of fries. The fries aren't my favourite and there really is such thing as too much fried food on a plate. :-)

2012 Mar 27
The wife and I did the 2 for 1 Fish and Chips Monday evening. Place was quiet. I ordered the large and the wife had the single piece. Large pieces of Fish as FF mentioned earlier, nice batter and darn good fries. Even my wife helped me on my second piece of Fish which she never does This is now my goto Fish and Chips place in the Westend. Much bigger and better then the Glen - more like Lapointes style. Excellent and a couple Beau's always helps!!

2012 Feb 17
Excellent fish and chips here! Succulent haddock and super crispy batter. $11 for one piece or $15 for two. Great with a pint of Kilkenny of course. The tartar sauce is a little too herby for my taste but then I'm not a big user of tartar sauce anyway.


2013 Apr 16
I think the construction on Hazeldean hasn't helped. I've been organizing a group breakfast there, normally on a Tuesday. It was usually empty. Last time we were there on a Friday and it was packed, so maybe also related to dining trends. Hope to try Kal's soon, as breakfast dining options for a group is limited in Kanata.

2013 Apr 16
This used to be the go-to breakfast place for a group of coworkers but the food went downhill a bit (potatoes were no longer homefries, etc) so they started going to Kal's instead. Perhaps it was the reduced weekday breakfast business that caused them to delete Mon-Thu morning service...

2013 Apr 15
Note, they are no longer serving breakfast except for Friday - Sunday.

2012 Mar 4
I've been to the Burbs Pub twice for breakfast since FF posted about it.

Both times I had the 2 egg breakfast with crispy bacon, home fries and rye toast. Perfectly cooked bacon and eggs. Coffee is quite good.

The service is very good. The two guys serving are friendly and just generally nice all round.

I wish lived closer, I'll have to make a point to come out to Kanata for dinner.

2011 Dec 8
Continuing breakfast success! Same as last time, but with sausage instead of bacon (asked for well done, split down the middle). The sausage was good but I will revert to bacon again next time as it was spectacular. :-)

This breakfast is really a cut above!

2011 Dec 1
My latest quest for breakfast turned up a fresh gem! Prices are a little higher here but the quality is kicked up to match.

The Two Egg Breakfast is $8 and includes:

* Coffee - not bad compared to diner coffee, frequent refills
* Eggs - perfectly done, darker yolks than usual!
* Bacon - asked for extra crispy, beautifully done!
* Hash browns - the deep-fried kind, but nicely seasoned, crispy on the outside, and moist and fluffy on the inside!
* Toast - asked for brown, got a very nice multigrain!
* Fruit salad - a nice assortment, reasonably fresh.

I can't complain about anything here. Top-notch really!

There's also a One-Egg breakfast for $6, but presumably the $2 price difference means it comes with fewer hash browns or something like that.