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An organic sandwich shop.

Foods from Bowich

2014 Feb 4
Had the Traditional Club Sandwich ($13). It consists of roasted organic chicken, organic bacon, homemade herb mayonnaise, organic tomatoes, organic greens served on 3 slices of sourdough with a side of Carrot and Apple Salad dressed in an orange poppy seed vinaigrette. The sandwich was a solid 9/10 but the salad was only eh-okay, about a 6/10.

Sandwich highlights: delicious, really good quality ingredients. I particularly enjoyed this as I am picky. The tomatoes were bright red and scrumptious and the bacon and chicken were really falvourful and looked amazing too. There was not a lot of chicken on the sandwhich, mind you. Mayo really pulled things together. Their website states all bread is gluten-free and it seemed like it. This was actualy a bit of a disappointment since I love a good sourdough and this one wasn't amazing. However, this is a very minute negative point.

Salad: The dressing was lacking a little zing/zest. I also expected about a half/half mix of carrots and apples but it was 85% carrot.

Presentation: Awesome! 9/10
Decor: Fun! 8/10 - lots of room to sit and definitely not cramped.

Overall, I would go back. The price was just under $15 so it's not a place I'd go to often but maybe once in a while. It's definitely higher-end ingredients, which I am willing to shell out an extra couple of dollars for.

2013 Jul 29
I like some of the sandwiches on their menu but it takes an eternity for them to be made. Best to bring something to read while you wait 20 minutes or more.

2013 Mar 13
Bland, expensive and oh so pretentious. I am reviewing bowich once again with extreme prejudice. I gave them one final chance – as my girlfriend loves their gluten free bread (which admittedly is very good) – and they blew it. The service is so pretentious and unfriendly. They make it seem like it's a favour to serve you. Questions were answered in a condescending way and the service was far too slow. We were the first to arrive at the restaurant (at 11:30) and it still took about 15 minutes to assemble 2 sandwiches (which as I will enumerate) were horrible.

Having experienced Bowich’s, expensive, bland fair in the past, I decided on something that is bound to have flavour: the Chicken Madras Sandwich. Fail. Tastless, saltless, spiceless, weak, uninspired curry (read: chickpeas with a sprinkle of generic brand curry powder), served with virtually unseasoned dark meat chicken, undressed lettuce in between two quality slices of bread. This was served with a salad so un-inspired that bagged mixed greens would have blown this out of the water. No tomatoes, no cucumbers no anything. Just lettuce, a few shards of carrot and dressing. The salad was served with an unbalanced, overly salty/vinegary dressing. Where did they learn to make salad?

Two sandwiches and one drink came to $34.00. And then the interact machine had the audacity to ask for a tip.

To make this even worse, I kindly and politely returned to the counter to ask for some kind of sauce for my bland sandwich. (and yes I referred to the sandwich as bland). The first response was incredibly defensive. “Which sandwich do you have” Me: “Chicken Madras” Server: “oh, well that has lots of flavour”. Me: “that’s what I thought, but it’s completely tasteless. Could I have some kind of mayo or sauce to make it taste better”. Server: “Um, *(looks back at chef), well... we do have a spicy mango sauce” Me: “that sounds great!” Server: “um. That’ll be 2 dollars, is that ok?”. Me: “no that’s not ok, it’s reasonable to ask for a condiment especially when the sandwich is devoid of any flavour, so I will ask again for the sauce”. At this point what looked like the head cook came over and started assembling this sauce. I said “I apologize but this sandwich is really lacking the curry flavour that the menu describes” Cook: “condescending blank smile”.

Me: "thank you" (but I’m really thinking “I can’t wait to post about this experience on Ottawa Foodies”). By the way, the mango sauce was horrible. Sickly sweet, no real mango flavour and just a tad spicy. It was certainly nothing like a good thai mango sauce.

I really don’t get it. These guys are too cool for school so they think they can charge an arm and a leg for totally uninspired food. These cool dudes need to watch the food network where they will learn about flavour and service – both of which bowich is lacking. I could make better sandwiches in my sleep, especially considering the fact that they use such high quality ingredients.

Wholly, and thoroughly disappointing. Would gladly recommend Pip and Nino’s, Whalesbone Brown Bag lunch, Corner Kitchen or any other fine, reasonable and tasty place downtown. Heck, my sandwich was 14 plus my 2 dollar san pallegrino. I could have gone to a real restaurant for that money. Money wasted at the hands of entitled, pretentious, ideologues.


2012 May 1
I've been to Bowich for lunch twice now. The first time I was there, I had the artichoke and pine nut sandwich without cheese, and the second time, I had the vegan chickpea curry sandwich. Both times, I had the beet salad as a side. I agree that the price seemed high when I was paying the first time, but I can honestly say that I was satisfied with the amount and quality of food when I was finished my meal. I enjoyed both sandwiches; though, the chickpeas were a bit of a menace and kept falling out of the sandwich. They'd be better off partially mashing them, I think. I also shared a bodum of coffee with my friend the first time that I was there, and it was excellent.

All in all, I'd happily go back. The service was pleasant and while not lightning fast, the food arrived in a reasonable amount of time. I sat in to eat both visits, and I didn't feel rushed either time and enjoyed the laid back atmosphere.

2011 Nov 23
Cutpasting the newuser's comments from tne 'sandwich' thread...

"How much does a sandwich from the manx cost? Do you think the green door is expensive? Bowich combines a quality sandwich with organic ingredients. I do not think the manx, greendoor or bowich are expensive. The cost is dictated by the ingredients.
I am no expert but I am pretty sure that the bank automatically provides the option of tip, it is not a request of the establishment.Plus the tip does not go to the owners."

On the first point, i think that Bowich provides a great quality sandwich that's made to order and worth the price. I don't know where else i could get the organic ingredients and made-to-order.

Are there cheaper sandwiches downtown? Absolutely. Are there bigger sandwiches for the same price or less? Totally. Do either class of the foregoing sandwiches taste as good? If they do i haven't found them yet, so i'm willing to plunk down the dollars.

The tip thing is automatic as far as i know, but does it really matter? It's counter service, there's no expectation of a tip any more than at any coffee counter you buy your morning fix at. If a customer chooses to tip that's their call.

2011 Aug 18
Tried this place after reading about it in the Ottawa Magazine. Had the artichoke and ricotta sandwich which was tasty and very neatly packed in three separate pieces individually wrapped, side salad was in a separate box and then both were put together in another box for easy transportation.

I was anticipating more taste to the sandwich and thought it actually had more flavour when a bit of the fresh dill from the salad accidently got mixed into my sandwich bite.

Minimalistic décor to the place but found the service friendly. Love the way the menu is projected on the wall. Overall, I liked the feel of the place but the price of $12 for sandwich and side salad (essentially lettuce) was a bit much (even if everything is organic).

The jury is out as to whether I will be back….

2011 Jul 17
I totally have to agree with ilikerealfood on the cost. We must have come on the same day as it seemed to take a long time to make a sandwich.

I'm pretty picky about sandwiches, I don't like Subway, Quiznos or sandwiches pre-made as I do not like cheese on my sandwich and I find the meat often is far too prominent and there is no balance.

However, the sandwich I had at Bowich was awesome, I totally loved it and do not regret it either. I had the bacon/avocado. Just wonderful.

However, $12 is far too expensive. I would have gotten the watermelon/tomato soup, but that would have been an extra $4.

Did not like the tip prompt either.

2011 Jul 13
Just finished my second sampling of Bowich. While I admire the concept and some of the creative sandwiches offered, they are waaay too expensive. Most of the sandwiches are in the 12-15 dollar range and I find the service kind of slow and a bit pretentious.

My first time dining here I tried a bacon and arugula sandwich (this was months ago so I could be mistaken). Although it was made with quality ingredients, it was totally unmemorable. With a very simple side salad (just lettuce) the 13+tx price tag wasn't fun to swallow.

Walking by Bowich today, they had a little sign out front advertising: Nettle Soup and Watermelon/Tomato gazpacho. Having never tasted nettle before (yes, nettle the weed), I thought I'd give it a try. A rather small soup and a piece of bread was 5 dollars.

The soup? pretty darn bland. A huge dose of salt and pepper made it acceptable. How does nettle taste you ask? It it tastes like a broccoli spinach hybrid. I'm positive great things can be done with this ingredient. The soup would have been totally awesome if they threw a whole bunch of garlic and onion into it. And plus it's a weed so there is no cost... I joke I joke, they probably source it from somewhere other then their backyard.

I don't regret the purchase, I can now say I have tried nettle. I may try one of their sandwiches again, they have some pretty creative offerings. Problem is, their prices are identical to sit down restaurants, so there is a reason there is never a line at Bowich.

And to make matters even more irritating, when using interac, they prompt you for a tip!!! I hate when takeout/lunch places do that.

Not in a rush to come back



2011 Nov 22
How much does a sandwich from the manx cost? Do you think the green door is expensive? Bowich combines a quality sandwich with organic ingredients. I do not think the manx, greendoor or bowich are expensive. The cost is dictated by the ingredients.
I am no expert but I am pretty sure that the bank automatically provides the option of tip, it is not a request of the establishment.Plus the tip does not go to the owners.