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2015 Dec 1
Nice bar for a pint and snack. We popped in last week just for a little happy hour.

They have really nice smoked and brined chicken wings, panko crusted St. Albert Cheese stuffed jalapeno poppers and tasty calamari. Haven't found an App here I didn't like.

They also have daily deals! This time we opted for the Smoked Chicken Nachos and 5$ Sleemans. The Nachos weren't necessarily wide but they were certainly tall. The chicken was nicely sauced and very generous. Well executed and enjoyed :) fresh tomatoes and pickled Jalapeno's, lots of cheese and just the right crisp on the corn chips. The lettuce was also a nice touch giving it a fresher feel.

For Pub Grub I really find that this stuff is a notch up above the frozen pre-fab stuff as the items are made fresh in house.

2013 Jul 11
Ended up at Churchill's last night while looking for somewhere with some air conditioning!

Their special of the night was a pint of Sleeman and a burger for $15. The burger was pretty impressive, and I'm generally not a burger person. I personally don't like double patty burgers, so I removed one. Next time I'd just ask for a single patty and an increase in the toppings and sides. The bun was also pretty good..egg bread style with a dark brown top. They give you the option of half salad/ half fries which is always welcome. The fries were fresh cut and crispy and the salad was simple but satisfying.

Great value for $15! I couldn't finish my plate and while Sleeman isn't my first choice of beer, it was cold and refreshing on a hot day.

This was my first time back since it opened a few years ago and I'll definitely be back to try more of the menu.

2013 May 29
My boyfriend and I were there the other day and had a wonderful time. The place is nice and the location is great but the menu is really what won me over. The two of us split an ordered and split the fish and chips and the weekly risotto. Then after hearing the guys at the table next to us rave about their maple garlic chicken wings we added 1lb of that to our order as well.

The wings lived up the the raves from the next table over and the fish and chips were great too. It came with coleslaw that I wasn't the biggest fan of but it made up for the coleslaw with it's chipotle tartar sauce.

Personally I'm a sucker for any restaurant that has it's menu change based on seasonal ingredients or specials so I decided to try the risotto of the week (tomato, balsamic, parmesan) and it was definitely the star of the dishes. My only regret is we stayed away from the mac & cheese since it's usually a hit or miss kind of thing but after hearing some other reviews about the mac & cheese I'm thinking that'll be one of the next things I try there.

2012 Jul 23
Had brunch here a while back. Food was good but $50 for 2 for brunch is a bit much.

2012 Jul 23
Went for dinner on Saturday night and was pleasantly surprised. Started off with the colossal Ceasar and it was pretty delicious. It's got a hefty price tag at over $9 but with two shots of vodka and a bunch of garnishes I think it's well worth it. My favorite garnish is the home made beef jerky. You definitely can't find stuff like that in stores.
For the meal the lady and I split a half chicken and got a bunch of sides. They have a smoker on the premises and the chicken was definitely smokey. Great flavor although the breast ended up a little on the dry side. No real harm though.
The winner of the sides was definitely the mac and cheese. Amazing flavor with the cheese combination the used, sooo flavorful. My partner is always on the hunt for a good baked mac and cheese and this is the winner right now. She put it a couple notches above Smoque Shack. The other sides were a red cabbage slaw and fresh cut fries. Both done well.
Sat at the bar and was well looked after by Alex.
Will definitely go back.

2011 Oct 24
Last review of this place.

Went there last night because MVP Lounge on Bank was closed, and we wanted a place with big screens to watch the World Series.

Pretty good jalapeno poppers. But I won't return to any restaurant for their pretty good jalapeno poppers.

Their bruschetta was gross. It had pickles in it. The bread was pretty bland and too soft.

I had the mac and cheese, which was just as bad. Mere shavings of cheese on it, and bathing in a watery pseudo-creamy sauce. Totally not worth $12.

Their dinner menu is a wasteland. The only thing, other than the mac and cheese, that caught my eye, was the burger, but at $15, no thanks.

The service was spotty. One waitress just seemed to walk back and forth with nothing to do. The other, who served us, was nice and all, but spent too much time seated with some friends who stopped by, tweeting on their phones, joking, leaving our empty app plates to languish in front of us. The mains took forever.

Done with this place. Westboro is a lousy area for dining on a Sunday night.

2011 Sep 13
Came here last week for drinks, as part of a friend' birthday. The food was, as others have said, nothing special. What really shocked me was the fact that there is nary a local beer to be found on the menu. As someone on Twitter noted, they could throw a stone from the roof and hit Kichesippi Brewery, so why not carry it? The most local beer is Creemore. Shame. I had hoped that Churchill's would become a wonderful spot for local drinks and good ambience.

2011 Aug 31
Went for a drive Monday evening to find the location of another restaurant and discovered Churchill's Pub. We stopped in for a drink so did not eat, although the food coming out looked and smelled fantastic, we will be back for dinner.
We sat at the bar and started with rye and coke and a rum and coke. While looking around I noticed decent wine glasses (I like a good glass not he dollar store type) so asked for the wine list, not bad for a pub. All wine is available by the glass, both 6 and 9 oz plus by the bottle. Hubby tried a very drinkable Pinot Grigio and I had a very mellow Merlot. The young man behind the bar was friendly and helpful. We will definiately be back for dinner.

2011 Aug 17
Had a nice dinner with my wife at Churchill's Pub. We shared appetizers - the bruschetta and deep fried pickles out of curiosity. The bruschetta has a tasty, slightly spicy (and sweet) tomato jam. The deep fried pickles were something I just had to try. They were very good, still crisp despite being deep fried and not nearly as greasy as some fried food can be. We each had salads as our mains. My wife had the Asian steak salad which had a nice sesame dressing which was very good. The steak was probably a bit over done but still good (just being picky there). I had the tomato basil parmesan salad with additional "hot smoked salmon". Overall it was good but I didn't really get much of a basil flavor. Also it says it's supposed to be shaved parmesan but it was grated and a lot of it. The smoked salmon was good but I think it was cold smoked, not hot smoked as it had that rare look and texture to it. Overall good but just didn't meet the description in my mind. We didn't stay for dessert this time but there were a few tempting choices.
Our server was very nice and took good care of us. We were there early (had to get back to the little one before bed time) so it wasn't at all busy. Nice atmosphere, I'd definitely go back but maybe wouldn't run back.

2011 Aug 10
Here's a pic of the place