Manhattan's is a fast food mini-chain in downtown Ottawa. There are a few locations scattered around centretown. Two Manhattan's are located on Laurier ave.

Manhattan's serves handmade burgers, wraps, curries, breakfast foods, sandwiches and coffee. The Laurier and Metcalfe location only sell coffee, tea and sweets. Manhattans brews fantastic coffee at almost half the price of starbucks. Try the signature Lebanese Coffee.

Manhattan Handmade Burgers
Manhattan Handmade Burgers
Manhattan Handmade Burgers
Manhattan Handmade Burgers
Manhattan Handmade Burgers
Manhattan Handmade Burgers
Manhattan Handmade Burgers
Manhattan Handmade Burgers
Foods from Manhattan Handmade Burgers

2019 Aug 23
I had to. kinda wish I didn't but really happy I did.

Photo doesn't not nearly capture the flavour of this delicious heap.

They're still the best if you want a loaded sloppy burger. And they really nail the fries.

Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Corn Relish, Jalapeno, Onion Ring, Bacon, [the best!] Chipotle Mayo, Pretzel bun. More chipotle mayo on the side for dipping.

They are friendly and you can tell they're proud to have the longest line in the food court! Don't let a bit of a line scare you though, they really keep the queue moving.

2016 Jan 21
So, sine my office moved across the street, I have been going there as a once a month treat. I love it. I am weird tho because I prefer their chicken to their burgers.

2014 Jan 31
This week is my second time getting a fabulous Green Monster burger in 2014.

Seriously, this burger is awesome!

The folks behind the counter are efficient and friendly!

I have to say I prefer the one on Laurier over the one located in Minto food court.

Noms! That's all I can say as I enjoy this burger!

2013 Sep 30
I recently went on a two day training session in the Slater and Kent area. Since I happened to be in the neighbourhood - and after a day and a half of Excel spinning through my head - I thought it would make a nice break (and a good excuse!) to visit Manhattan's.

The cafeteria style setup was nice - lots of room for the legions of fans to line up and lots of tables to sit at. Although the lineup was quite long the lady taking the orders had her ordering system down to a science and the line moved quite fast. I was impressed at how many regulars were there and she remembered the orders of many of them.

I ordered a blue cheese bacon burger which was HUGE and came with a generous order of toppings. I asked for a side of fries - which also came in generous portions - and they were very good.

My dining companion ordered a hot chicken sandwich and a salad which looked really good and I will have to make a point of trying it the next time I am in the neighbourhood.

2013 Feb 18
Always friendly service, well-priced, delicious food. What's not to love?

Try their sweet potato fries. To die for.

2012 Oct 9
This place makes the best breakfast sandwiches! I had another one this morning; it is my weakness! 3.69 for Egg, cheese and bacon on a montreal style everything bagel. yum! The trick is to ask for the chipolte mayo on your sandwich!

FYI - Sometimes the pricing is inconsistent for extras. One time I added onion and tomato to my sandwich and they changed me 50 cents each, other times it is just 50 cents for both.

2012 Sep 6
Damn fine breakfast sandwich from Manhattan's.

4 dollars and change. Bacon, Egg, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and rosemary mayo served on a montreal style bagel.

Probably the best breakfast sandwich downtown; priced right too.

2012 May 2
@Ilikerealfoodcourties, I was just kidding. I will go wherever there is good food and I appreciate any and all suggestions.

2012 May 2
tree pug I agree that the burgers are not exceptional. Ottawa burgers in general are not too impressive. I am however very happy with the service, their condiments, quality of ingredients and it's priced right, for me at least.

Did you at least put some rosemary mayo, bean sprouts, cucumber, beet root or other awesome condiments on your burger? It is these small touches, which I appreciate.

Their breakfasts are the real winner.

About the cafeteria comment, there are a few manhattin locations around town, the one I frequent has a store front (on Laurier Ave.) But I assumed that "fast food mini-chain" (found at the top of the page) was descriptive enough to advise you that it is not an a la cart, sit down restaurant.

Fast food and chip trucks are often reviewed here, why not food court stalls, I don't understand. :P

2012 May 2
So I went here for lunch as I was in the area and the burger was ok. The fries were also ok. The price was ok as well. The not mentioning it was in a food court was not ok. Maybe someone should start an Ottawa Food Courties site ;-)