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2011 May 23
We were told to check this place out as they allegedly have awesome hamburgers.

First strike, no bacon anywhere on the menu if you can believe that. All kinds of so-called gourmet options (pineapple, black olives, brie, aiola (whatever that is)) but no bacon.

Second strike, the prices, all options from 11.95 to 15.95.

Final strike(s), when the plates arrive: processed cheese on the burger. Frozen (not fresh) burger patties typical of fast food joints who charge much less. And dry and tasteless.

The fries were dark, thick, dry, obviously cooked much earlier and reheated possibly several times. These were frozen wedge fries. We asked for freshly cooked ones which came and looked much, much better, but tasted just as bland, with the mushy pseudo-potato centre typical of frozen fries. They were advertised as seasoned, no trace of seasoning on the fries.

They only had packets of ketchup, white vinegar, mayo, so I reached for a bottle on a nearby counter of what I thought was balsamic. Nope, soya sauce(!) (in a balsamic type pourer, on a tray that offered olive oil in an identical bottle). This place was one disaster after another.

The first thing the guy brings when you sit down is a tiny plate of 4 olives, no bread.

The burger,it should be noted can be ordered as beef, or 'lamb-beef' gyros which ended up being (for my girlfriend's order) the frozen rectangular slices of processed gyros meat one finds in bad fast food joints Stateside.

The bun was Durivage supermarket issue, untoasted. My burger was drenched in cold bottle bbq sauce. The side creamy cole slaw, a sad soggy mess.

No draft beer, only bottles of Coors light, RR, Corona, Heineken. Weak. But then, that was obviously not the worst thing about this place.

Worst burger experience in this city for me, and that includes the big US chains. Even more unacceptable that we got slugged almost $15 each for the meal.