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A Cuban cafe and catering company in Old Ottawa South, located on 1200 Bank St.

Fried Yuca at Havana Cafe
Havana Cafe
Havana Cafe
Havana Cafe
Havana Cafe
Havana Cafe
Havana Cafe
Havana Cafe
Havana Cafe
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2012 Jul 12
went to Havana Cafe today for lunch. I've complained in the past about the hours at this place - I've tried to go and it was always closed. My husband asked to try it today, so off we went during lunch hour.

There was a $5 special - Cuban sandwich & Mojito lemonade. We decided to order off the menu, each having a sandwich (him pork, me vegetarian) and side salad & yucca ($8 for each meal). I love fried yucca, so I was pretty excited about that.

It took a very long time for our sandwiches to arrive - over 30 minutes. Thankfully I didn't have a meeting to get to.

The lemonade was good, more tart than sweet. The sandwiches were fine, but dry and boring. I was really underwhelmed. The yucca was good, but we each only had 3 small pieces, plus 2 small rounds of fried plantain. It was fine, but nothing fantastic and nothing that screamed real authentic latin food. It was just dry and dull. The salad was bagged salad with a dressing that I couldn't identify.

There were no strong flavours in my food. I really like strong flavours, so maybe this type of cooking is just not for me.

If you are in Old Ottawa South, and it is open, $5 for a decent sized sandwich & drink is an excellent deal, just don't expect a big, flavourful, gloppy mess like you'd get a morning owl or art-is-in (my two go-to sandwich places).

2011 May 13
Havana Cafe will be catering a pig roast, with Jamaican patties, snacks, and a cash bar at Caribbean Night: Dancing Under the Stars, Sat. June 11 at 7 pm at the Windsor Park tennis courts in Old Ottawa South. Fundraiser for Friends of Lansdowne legal challenge. Pig roast not usually available at the cafe, so come and try it out for a good cause and a good time! More info and tickets at

2011 Mar 26
The Old Ottawa South Community Association held a Havana Night fundraiser for Friends of Lansdowne in January, and Havana Cafe catered the affair. The food was a hit! I was selling bar tickets so didn't get to try everything, but there were intriguing things that looked like meatballs-on-a-stick going by, but I did manage to get my hands on a few slices of Cuban sandwich that were perfectly melted and delicious. I high recommend them for a catered event! They worked tirelessly and cheerfully also.

2011 Feb 5
Ditto the comments that Havana serves an excellent and authentic Cuban Sandwich. Yucca/Plantain fries on the side were also perfect. As good as you'd find in Calle Ocho. I had a housemade mojito lemonade, which was not overly sweet and redolent of fresh mint. Today's special was a tilapia dish with rice and beans that also looked tasty. The chef (owner?) was very eager to ensure we were pleased with our food, and from his conversations with us and with the other guests, I think we were the only non-regulars in the place today. I will definitely be back.

2011 Jan 21
I went to the Havana Cafe for lunch just before Christmas and had a lovely Cuban Club Sandwich and Yucca Fries. The Club was really really good - and I am generally not a big fan of sandwiches. It was served with a small portion of Yucca fries which were aslo delicious and mixed green salad. The salad had a nice light zingy dressing. Overall a really enjoyable lunch!

2011 Jan 12
Went to Havana yesterday afternoon and the food in the display case looked really good.
I could get much as I had just eaten (a small macaroni at Serious Cheese).

So, just got a order of plantain and yucca "fries" to go.
The cook who was there (red jacket guy), he gave me some garlic oil to take as a dip (just a little tiny container),but the oil dip was so flavorful I barely used any.
The "garlic dip" seems to be made w a lot of fresh garlic.

The container for the yucca/plantain was around 500ml,but very loosely packed,so there was maybe 15pc in total (my guesstimate).

The yucca was thick cut in a fry shape and was very crispy,kind of plain by itself but still tasty.
Plantain was is a disk shape and seemed to be breaded...have not seen breaded plantain before, but it was good.
My order seemed to be sprinkled w sea salt,which was nice as there was not that much of it.
My order was $3.75-which is decent I guess.

I couldn't finish my yucca/plantain at home so put it in the fridge until tonight, it is not as good the second day-or maybe I should have reheated longer in the oven (but was hungry).

Service was fine.
I would have asked more questions about the food if I did not have a terrible headache.
Actually I ended up getting really ill a few hours later due to my headache and that was not fun.

Next time I will only eat out anywhere when I do not have a terrible headache.
In the display case there was also a tilapia dish that looked very good- came w rice, vegetable and grilled fish and was only $10.
Next time I'm in that area I'll be sure to have a meal and eat in!

Was also told the menu for hot dishes changes all the time,so kind of curious what they will feature.

Does anyone know if Havana sells any desserts?
-if not there is the baklava shop a few doors down that also sells gelato.

2010 Dec 15
Stopped in for a Cubano classico and a coffee last week. Finally, someone in Ottawa does a legit pressed Cubano, with marinated, roasted pork, ham, swiss, dill and regular mustard.

For 5 bucks it is a steal. I also thought the fried yucca and plaintain were great...and they make a mean espresso as well.

The daily specials looked good too, but I love Latin American food so I am biased. I just wish this place was downtown so I could sneak out for a Cubano regularly...

2010 Dec 11
I wanted to stop in this evening but they close at 5 on Saturday. I believe the hours are:

M-F 10-7
Saturday 10-5
Not sure about Sunday

2010 Nov 19
That's where Sixth Sense used to be, yes. Don't know what happened to it tho'. Unlike Havana, Sixth sense didn't do food to go in an 'eat immediately because i'm starving' way so I never had reason to try it.

@Glinda - they had a catering menu there that looked good - neat variety of Cuban food i haven't seen anywhere else in Ott. Someone told me they do a tasty spicy chicken/pork/yucca dish, but I imagine if you give them a call they can make suggestion. I can confidently say the sandwiches are really good tho'... :) And the plantains, wellll... you can't have any, they're all MINE! Mine!!!! my preciousssss..... umm, i mean they're good too.

2010 Nov 17
I'm also curious as to what a group of about 20 people should order for a catered lunch. Havana Cafe is being considered.

Any suggestions?

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2016 Nov 22
The Yuca Fries are definitely worth ordering if you have a good appetite! Served piping hot, they have a crisp exterior, soft and fluffy interior, and they're tossed in a sweet chilli sauce that gives them an addictive quality. The garnish of onions goes very well too. Big thumbs up!