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2018 Nov 23
I finally made my first dinner to Rangoon earlier this week and it did not disappoint. I was with a group so, with the exception of the first course, everything was served family style.

The interior of the restaurant has not changed much since Zen Kitchen occupied the space. New wallpaper and carpets adorn the interior of the resto but the bar is still there although used mostly as a cash now.

Our menu consisted of nine dishes in all. We started with lentil soup which consisted of Canadian ingredients (lentils, onions, carrots, etc.) but with Burmese spices. It had a nice nutty flavour. The next dish was a green tea leaf salad which consisted mostly of romaine but fermented green tea leaves were added as well as tomatoes and roasted chickpeas. That salad is very addictive. The next dish was a spinach salad which also contained fermented green tea leaves and roasted chickpeas with a tamarind dressing. The next dishes that came out were curry chicken, fish, and beef stirfry. The curry dish was hands down the favourite. The chicken was very moist and the sauce was tasty - I could have eaten the whole bowl of it! The beef was stirfried with onions, zucchini, and basil and it was also quite tasty. The only letdown was the fish. I'm not sure what type of fish was served but it was cut into steaks so the portions were a little big considering it was one of many dishes that was served over the course of the evening. If I had just ordered an appetizer or just had the fish on its own the portion size would have been perfect but considering that it was part of a tasting menu the servings were a little on the big size. Also the fish was dried out. Two types of rice were served - steamed rice and coconut rice. The coconut rice was awesome and although it does not appear on the menu very often the chef/owner is considering putting on the menu on a regular basis. I hope she does. We had a Burmese cake for dessert. It was like a crème brulée in appearance. I'm not sure what the actual cake was made of although it had a pleasant sweet taste and it was topped with toasted coconut. All in all dinner was delicious and I will definitely have to go back.

I had a chat with the owner on the way out and she mentioned that they are getting a lot more customers at their Somerset location. When they were located on Gloucester the clientele was mostly from nearby office buildings but they are now getting a lot more walk in traffic. Also, Peter Hum's favourable review in the Citizen recently may have helped.

2017 Jul 13
I went to this place before seeing Tool live in concert. this was an accident in the happening. I heard rumors of this place from a guy i don't talk to anymore. I ordered the lunch special as everyone else did, but decided to order the madras with the buttered chicken. Well this was hands down the best madras i had ever. it was delicous and flavourful. It was one of them dished that you could could and eat and still want more. It was not even bland. Why can't all Indian food be this delicous in Ottawa?

2012 Nov 17
Our first visit to Ragoon was last night. The interesting menu and some favourable reviews had us excited about what we were about to experience, but we were horribly disappointed.

Perhaps it was an off night for Ragoon and/or that we have no knowledge of Burmese food but the whole experience was horrible. Right from the lighting in the restaurant (strong neon red in the window spills in and the three flood lights on the one side of the room that cast shadows on the one wall like high beams on a car) to the unfriendly waitress that seemed bored and scoffed at our orders.

We started with the 'Teal Leaf Salad', which appeared to be Romaine (we saw nothing that resembled 'Marinated Tea leaves'?) but turned out to be the best part of our meal despite my partner feeling it was 'off', as in the oil was rancid. Many of the ingredients listed in the menu seemed to be missing such as the broad beans, peanuts, sesame seeds, and Tea leaves.

We then had the fish soup, another chef recommendation, which tasted much like Campbell's chicken soup with some fish sauce...complete with soggy noodles (perhaps some ingredients such as onions and lemongrass would have been nice as the menu says). We then had the Chicken Curry and the Rice Vermicelli Salad. Big disappointment...same soggy noodles as the soup, even tasted the same (minus the fish sauce) and no onions or chickpeas to be seen.

The Chicken Curry was not edible....no flavour, soft and SALTY. Campbell's soup chicken comes to mind. In fact, with the exception of the salad, the entire meal tasted like Campbell soup!! Bland, soggy and salty. Perhaps that's Burmese cuisine but some how I doubt it?

We ended up waiting more than 1/2 hour to get our bill as the waitress did her best to ignore us and kept on disappearing into the kitchen. We'll never go back to Ragoon!

2012 Jan 21
I concur with others who have raved about the green tea leaf salad served here. This was definitely the best part of my dinner at this restaurant the other week. Everything in the salad was cut into perfect bite-sized pieces and the flavours were so fresh. The seeds/nuts added a perfect crunch. Even though it was a fair sized serving I could have easily eaten more.

The rest of the meal was so-so. I was not so fond of the coconut soup which came with my main dish. It was not overly hot (temperature) and had a very mild flavour. My beef curry was good but not outstanding. I wonder if it would be too weird to just order two servings of the salad the next time I go?

2011 Dec 4
I went to Rangoon last night with a bunch of friends to use my dealfind voucher. I was really excited to try the place as I had heard good things. We made a reservation, as per the instructions on the voucher, but it was unnecessary as it was our group and 2 other people in the entire place.

The tea was great to start. It was a flavour that I had never tried before. It had a hint of coconut smell. Similar to a dessert we eat in Singapore all the time. We started with the tea leaf salad, which was amazing. It was my favourite part of the whole evening. We also tried the vermicelli salad, which was a bit weird. The noodles were not vermicelli, but were thick rice stick noodles, and it was a 'hot' salad. It reminded me a lot of what Asian spaghetti would be. The shrimp were amazing though.
We shared the chicken and beef curry, which were unlike any curry I had had before. They meat was really juicy, tender and flavourful and they came with a neat sauce to drizzle over with some crunchy dried shrimp and garlic. The food was all over very tasty and not at all oily. I will say that everything I had was missing some "pizazz". I think some fresh chili or even hot sauce would have brought everything up a notch.

I am glad I went, but I don't think it would be the kind of place I would go again. If my friends were having an outing and that was where we were going I would happily go along.

2011 Apr 20
I tried Rangoon for the first time today at lunch. Having never eaten Burmese food, I really didn't know what to expect and how to assess whether my experience was authentic or not.

We ordered off the lunch menu. I had the Vermicelli Noodle Salad and the lentil soup. The soup was fine. The noodles were plump noodles with a light tomato-based sauce with cilantro and shrimp. Given the plumpness of the noodles, it had the texture (and appearance) of overcooked spaghetti. The sauce was nice although nothing special. The shrimps were shrivelled and overcooked.

My friend had the Chicken Curry and a spring roll. She really enjoyed the spring roll and dipping sauce. The curry plate came with the chicken curry (about half a dozen pieces), rice and vegetables. She did not finish her plate as she found it quite oily.

The service was fine.

All in all, nothing extraordinary but nothing bad either.

I'm not sure I'd return though.

2011 Apr 4
I loved this restaurant!

Went there for dinner with the hubby on Saturday night and loved the food and service.

We ordered a green tea leaf salad which was so refreshing - loved the seeds/nuts.

The fish noodle soup did not look like the most appetizing thing, but it tasted delicious! I recommend it for people wanting to try something different. I wish I could say the same about the coconut soup (came with the curry dish), but it was pretty bland; next time I'll opt for the lentil soup instead.

The vegetable spring roll's filling actually reminded more of samosa than spring roll (I think it was because of the potato). I was glad to try something different, but it could use a little more flavour. That said, I LOVED the dipping sauce (mint?). Very tasty.

The chicken curry was pretty tasty. Unlike the other posters, I did not find it oily. The chicken was tender, and I really liked the toppings and sauce that came on the side. That said, I think the rice could have been a little better. It didn't taste as fresh as it could have, but I'm definitely being picky here, because I ate it all and would order the dish again in a heartbeat.

I will definitely be coming back, and I'll be recommending this place to many people.

2011 Mar 21
I had virtually the same experience when I dined at Rangoon in the fall.

I agree, the curry was very oily. And interestingly, all the dishes on the menu are pretty much the same. I had a shrimp curry, however my colleagues had beef, chicken, and vegetarian respectively. They all tasted the exact same.

I really hope this place lasts though. I had a chat with the owner (in extremely broken English), and they are huge supporters of the movement for democracy in Burma, so I really hope they can - as you said - refine their recipes some more and hold on to customers.

I will give them another shot, just cause.

2011 Mar 18
My husband and I ate here on Tuesday. I work nearby, and a colleague had said that the food was quite good. She also assured me that it wasn't just a makeover of Curries :)

First, I have to say that the owner is incredible. She is sweet and friendly and SO PROUD of her food and ingredients from "her country" (we heard her use this phrase about 5 times during our visit, and it was awesome).

The meal started with Burmese tea that was light and flavourful.

A friend had recommended the tea leaf salad. It was good - no big flavours like those in a Thai salad, but the combination of tea leaves, other shredded greens, deep fried crispy beans (chick peas, broad beans), tomato and raw garlic were nice. The beans were definitely the best part. The owner apologized for the delay in the food since the fresh items are made to order. No complaints about that!

We also split vegetarian spring rolls. They have a filling of potato, cilantro, and perhaps cabbage (?) with a mint, tamarind and garlic dipping sauce. At each part of the meal the owner proudly informed us of the ingredients in each dish we were having. The rolls were piping hot and crispy, but not big on flavour.

Our chicken curry came with complementary soup, and we both had the coconut soup. I hate to say this, but it was like really hot watery wallpaper paste. It seems to be coconut milk, thickened with starch of some sort, with cilantro sprigs on top. My husband managed to get his down, but I just couldn't eat mine.

The chicken curry was not great. It was kind of flavourless and very oily (I had heartburn soon after the meal, and there was an oil slick left on the plate). The chicken certainly is tender and slow-cooked, and the portion was generous. It comes with a hot salsa-type sauce and some deep fried garlic/sesame seed topping. I poured all of the hot sauce over the dish and also squeezed the lemon wedge garnish over it, which added a little bit of flavour. It's not something I would order again.

After meeting the owner, you really want to love her food...and I sincerely hope that she refines her recipes a bit. I'm all for subtle seasoning, but the food has to taste like something other than starch and oil.

The entree salads do look good.

2011 Jan 27
I saw the review in today's paper and it reminded me of my visit to Rangoon a little while ago. It was lunch time and there were a few other tables but it was not too busy. My friend had the chicken curry and I had the beef curry, which featured tender fork-breakable cubes of beef in a tasty sauce, not too spicy. The combo meals started with an amazing lentil soup, brightened with cilantro and spices (and only $2 off the menu if ordered seperately). I could have had 6 bowls. My curry portion was acceptable but I could have packed back more. The sides of chutney and fried garlic added nice texture. The service from the owner was very friendly. Hope they can make a go of it in this iffy location. I plan to return and try the coconut noodle soup.