Foods from Shawarma Byte

2012 Apr 15
I have since gone back multiple times to Shawarma Byte since my last post and I find their shawarmas really good! I had had one maybe a few years go that had been disappointing and thus avoided the place but now I think their quality has really gone up. Every time I've gone the toppings have been fresh, the chicken has been flavourful and juicy (not dry) and they have the option of giving you spicy garlic sauce AND hummus.

2012 Feb 26
My only experience at Shawarma Byte was a midnight poutine craving, where I was pleasantly surprised by the shawarma poutine. I had it with the shaved chicken. It definitely exceeded my expectations; I was expecting really dry, end-of-the-day meat and instead I found the chicken really flavourful and tender. The gravy was nice and mildly peppery, and the curds were squeaky-good (apparently they only use St Albert's). My boyfriend and I split the medium and we were both full by the time we finished. I would definitely have it again.

2011 Aug 7
I ended up leaving a party near the Main St. area at around 3:30 AM. By the time I had walked to sandy hill I was getting really hungry, and I was already making excuses in my head about getting a hot dog at mac's or grabbing some mcdicks. To my delight, Shawarma Byte (lol) was still open at around 4 oclock.

I will not judge this place on it's 4 am shawarma, with the same veracity I would judge it in the afternoon.

I had an all dressed chicken sandwich. I found the chicken had a commanding and overpowering taste of allspice and cinnamon. The garlic sauce was so-so and the toppings had been sitting around for a while. The chicken meat itself, was actually not bad considering the fact that it was shaved off of the most pathetic, skimpy spit (to be expected).

Again, Shawarma Byte saved me from McDonald's, so all is well. Can't say I'll be running back to Shawarma Byte in the afternoon - seeing as though the Palace is about a 10 minute walk.

The best part about this place - they are open late, the chicken sandwich was inexpensive at 4 bucks and they had Dr. Pepper Cherry (which is something I have only seen in the US - maybe they are in Canada now?)

2010 Dec 7
Went today for lunch. Purchased a Large Combo which came with a Large Chicken Shawarma wrap, a small garlic potato, and a can of pop, all for around $11.50. Found the price a bit high, but what ever. The wrap was good, turnips were almost like lettuce here, but the chicken was very good. Major complain was with the potatoes and the garlic sauce. The garlic potatoes thats like spicy hash browns and the garlic sauce was almost like a vinegar mayo (not garlic-y at all). Finally, the guy who made everything didn't even wear gloves....

Over all, wrap was good, but I would not return again.

2010 Nov 3
yessi, it's in Sandy Hill, which you correctly noted as being quite different from City Centre. (And, as you suggested, Centretown forms a major subset of what I include in City Centre.)

Anyway, I sprinkled my corrective magic fairy dust and have now approved this vendor. :-)

2010 Nov 3
Where is this place exactly?
(And aren't City Centre and Sandy Hill different places? I always thought City Centre meant Centretown.)


2010 Nov 3
I go there probably every other day, it's clean and the food is tasty. And they have a nice combination of poutine and shawarma in the same plate, try it folks and you won't get disappointed.