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Fish and Chips at Cedars and Co.
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2010 Sep 16
Went to do some grocery shopping at Cedars and Co Tuesday.
Was quite hungry and ended up getting what was supposed to be a tofu and spinach samosa..went to eat that at the bus stop and turns out it was a potato and peas was not very spiced.
Too bad I did not get what I was supposed to get.

I also ordered some fries from the food counter and to my dissapointment this time they used frozen french fries..mccains to be exact.
Before their fries were different and not the uniform shape and crunch that mccains is.

I hope they will go back to using fresh patatoes as this was rather disapointing.

The store did have some very nice fish and there was a rather large piece of "sushi grade" tuna that looked quite good.

Also, it kind of looks like they are getting some of their packaged sauces from pelican fishery?
they have the same names,same packaging type,same prices..same labels too.
There was also some fish or crab cakes that were $4.99 for 3 with a dip sauce.
did not try those but they did look good!

2010 Sep 14
Stopped in to pick up a few things and check out how the store is coming along. The produce continues to be outstanding quality. The meat counter is sparse, but what's there appears to be very nice. Apparently the butcher will be on board around the end of September, and the meat counter will evolve to a full butcher service. The fish selection continues to get a little better every time I drop in. Lately, I've found some interesting little extras - home made jam with only two ingredients - strawberries and sugar, for example. There was also a bin of local tomatoes, which was wonderful to see. I think they are still finding their way, and clearly welcome suggestions. The staff have been very friendly and helpful on each of my visits, although inexperienced in some areas. I'd suggest watching your cashier carefully, as I saw a few errors made while I awaited my turn - cheerfully corrected, but they would not have been had the customer failed to notice. I think this is inevitable until the staff have had a chance to become familiar with the product offerings, so I'd suggest patience and diligence.

All in all, a great addition to the neighbourhood.

2010 Sep 11
I will try and update this as I have been going to Cedars and Co twice a week and so have had a chance to see how the store has changed.

They now have fresh chicken and meats in the deli case at the back that has been empty for ages.
The chicken looked fresh and good. Prices seemed quite good too.
I will buy some chicken here sometime when I plan to actually cook some (I like fish a bit more...)

There is a deli case with a bunch of prepared foods that change all the time and are sold by the weight or the container size.
It might depend what you buy.
-I bought a pickeled? artichocke and those are all a flat price of $2

I also have bought a eggplant salad and that was by the weight I think.
What I find kind of funny is that they were telling me that the eggplant I bought was Babaghanouj..when I clearly know it is not.
(I am not about to correct them whatever).

The item I bought was actually a "eggplant salad".
My parents used to make this and it is roasted eggplant that is mashed up and you add vinegar,garlic,tomato,green pepper and onions.
you eat that as a dip.
Babaghanouj usually had sesame or tahini and olive oil..this did not.

The eggplant dip/salad is delicious.
I went back the next day to buy some and they were sold out by the time I got there.
I am def going to make this an item on my regular grocery list.

There is also a counter with pastries when you walk into the store.
I bought a pastry that looked like a butter tart but was square.
The filling in it was pecan,almons and hazelnut-there was not a lot of nuts though.
The filling seeemed very fresh and was kind of runny.
My tart was supposed to be $2.50 and the sticker on my item was printed wrong and came out to $3.50
I had to point that out and it was adjusted.

I also bought a nut tart.
It looked like a regular buttertart as it was round and it was filled 3" high with whole nuts.
There was whole walnuts and lots of pistachios.
There was not sugar filling like butter tarts,but there was a syrup holding the nuts together.
This tart was very filling and I could only eat 1/2 at a time since it was so many nuts.

The baklava they sell there are good and prices are very good too. But I would rather go across the street to Malak pastry as they are super fresh there and you can even ask for Ashta cream and to have your pastries topped with even more nuts if you like.
The baklava from Cedars is good,but it does not have the crisp buttery freshness of the Malak baklava and pastries.

The pita bread that Cedars sells is also very fresh.
I bought the Hanna bakery one and it has to be one of the freshest pita breads I have found in a store.
Usually the pita bread at grocery stores is much harder and not that good.

I also tried a shawarma from Cedars 2 weeks ago and thought they were good.
The reason why they might fall appart if because they overstuff them.
I prefer the falafel over chicken (not a big meat eater).
and I have also tried the falafel here.
for both sandwiches the pita was very fresh, and they do overstuff the samdwiches with a lot of vegetables and quite a lot of meat.
after eating 3/4 of my sandwich I was full.

I have also tried the poutine here twice.
the first time was eating in and it was good they used white cheese curds.
last week I had a poutine to go and they put way too much gravy and for some reason they used orange cheese curds.
their gravy is allright, and they do add a lot of cheese. the fries are also good and made from fresh patatoes.
I would get another poutine here,but usually I prefer the plain fries and get those often.

hopefully this info is helpful!

2010 Sep 2
Today I decided to stop by Cedar's & Co. for a shawarma and a quick look around the shop. I had been told that they sold good produce and was interested in seeing it for myself.

I really loved the fact that a lot of their produce is local, as well as the fact that some of it comes from Bryson Farms. I think that's so great! Also, most of the rest of the produce is from Canada (it might not be local but I'd prefer to buy a Canadian potato than an American one)!

But why were there empty shelves? I could've counted at least 3 large display cases that could've been filled with product, so why were they empty? I don't think it makes a business look good when something's 'missing'.

Unfortunately, the chicken shawarma I had was probably the worst one I've had. Now, I'm not a big shawarma eater and have only recently started to eat them. But when my sandwich falls apart before I even get to take one bite, there's got to be a problem with the way it was prepared.

All in all, a nice shop but they need to get a bit more product on the shelves.

2010 Aug 30
I paid a brief visit to Cedars and Co. yesterday and I was really impressed with the store. They have a nice selection of vegetables and fish (meat counter is still not open) as well as a rather extensive selection of desserts and take out foods. They seem to be focussing on local produce and they are now carrying Bryson Farms veggies.

2010 Aug 13
I stopped in to pick up the veggies I needed for dinner tonight, and was thrilled to see sushi grade tuna in the fish case, so I was able to pick that up as well and save myself a trip. I don't know if this will be a regularly stocked item, but I can hope! This might have been the most beautiful piece of tuna I've ever purchased. I needed a full pound, and after chopping it to make my tartare, I can honestly say that I did not find a single piece of membrane - really unusual in a piece that big. I wish I'd taken a picture (although perhaps not everyone finds raw fish beautiful...). I also purchased gorgeous avocados that were the perfect degree of ripeness to use same day - also a bit of a rarity.

My observation is that Cedars seems to have decided to go for quality over quantity. It's probably still too early to pass judgement on this establishment, but in my three or four experiences so far, I've been really impressed.

2010 Aug 12
I've had this review up on my blog for around a week thought it might be useful here too!

Cedar and Company Grocery Store Food Counter Meal Review!
Tonight I did not feel like cooking and really wanted something that was tasty and grilled for my dinner.
I had been the the new Cedar and Company grocery store earlier this week and noticed they have a prepared foods counter where you can get a meal and sit at some tables to enjoy your food.
It is not too obvious from the outside of the grocery store what foods the counter serves except Shawarma.
At the food counter there is a hand written board with the foods that you can order and that seems to change often.
A few days ago the special of the day was some Tilapia in a sauce (did not try it,but it looked good).
You can also order chicken or beef shawarma,falafel and a tasty poutine.
I tried the poutine earlier this week and the fries are fresh and made in store, cooked while I was waiting.
The french fries also came unsalted,which is nice for a change as you can always add your own salt if you wish.

One thing you should know (and that I was told a few days ago before ordering is to call ahead if you are getting a brochette-they take up to twenty minutes to cook).
I did not call ahead today,so did have to wait around twenty minutes for my brochettes to be cooked on the grill. It was not a huge problem to wait as I saw my food being cooked on the grill and I know it was very fresh.
You get 2 fairly large brochettes with your platter and that also comes with humus,eggplant dip,roasted potatoes,rice,salad and a piece of pita bread.
It was quite surprising the amount of food that there was in my container. I'd say there was enough food for two people or else one very hungry person.
The brochettes when they are stored in the fridge and being cooked they are on some metal skewers that look very similar to small swords.
On my brochette there was around 5 decent sized pieces of chicken and some red and yellow peppers.
The chicken was nicely seasoned and very well grilled. The peppers had a bit of charring that added to the taste.
The quality of the chicken was very good and was made up of chicken breast that was tender and not tough,the meat was also not greasy like in some other places I've eaten at.
One thing I really dislike in eating out is when certain places use chicken that is just too fatty.
I found the chicken here was great,very fresh and tender.
The roasted potatoes were good and had some garlic flavor to them. The rice was a bit seasoned and good.
My salad had some lettuce,tomato,green pepper,red onion and a homemade dressing-the vegetables were very fresh. There was also some garlic sauce included in my platter.
I took my brochette platter to go as I did not think I would be able to finish it all and that was a good idea for me as I only managed to eat half the platter.

You can also eat in the grocery store and there is a very nice seating area with tables and chairs and the store actually has some real plates and cutlery if you do happen to be eating in.
That is actually a nice touch as most places who have shawarma usually just have take out cartons and not real plates.
There is also baklava and pastries for sale at the food counter and in the Cedars and Co grocery store.
If after stuffing yourself with brochette or shawarma you want a healthier dessert,there are also fruit cups topped with Ashta-a type of custard that can be bought.
The fruit cups are $4 and are filled with many kinds of tropical fruits like strawberry,pineapple,mango,banana,blueberry and I'm sure I am forgetting some of the other tropical fruits.
The fruit cups are also quite large and the size on the bottom of my cup said 24oz, so it seems to be a good value.
I would definitely recommend this new grocery store and food counter for a fresh meal.
I'm sure I will be going there quite often as the food is fresh and tasty.
My brochette platter was $14

2010 Aug 7
They've been open for ~ 2 weeks ago now and things are starting to shape up nicely. They've packed a lot of things (maybe a bit too much) into the space formerly occupied by the Fresh Fruit Company.

Pastry counter with Lebanese sweets & savoury pies.
Something I guess you would call a nut bar
Fresh fish counter & resident fishmonger (Herbert)
There is a butcher counter - but currently empty (not sure when that will open)
And of course fresh produce & dairy etc.

They also have a hot food section with some seating. Here is the current menu :
Fish & chips
Daily special

The portions are pretty generous. I've just had the fish & chips, and the lady in front of me ordered what I assume was the special. It was a huge plate of tilapia & rosted veggies. She actually had to ask to take one piece of fish off becasue he'd piled so much on. Then there were potatoes, rice, salad, pickles ... I think even I would have struggled to get through it, and I'm a big chap.

All in all, a very welcome addition to Old Ottawa South and I'll be in there often.

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2010 Aug 12
I heard their fried fish is supposedly from Pelican Fishery?
anyone else hear this?

I do find the portions are quite generous.
Their menu board needs to be more clear though.

-only a price for poutine and not plain fries?
-was told there is a brochette sandwich..but nothing on their menu about that or prices?

another kind of annoying this..they have some ice cream for sale that looks ingredients on the containers.
..looked kinda like how Malak's packages their ice cream...

Their baklava are good, but not as fresh as the bakaery across the street.
If you are in that area across the street is an Arab bakery and you can buy a scoop of ice cream or sorbet for $3 a small cup and $4 larger cup.
-had some watermellon sorbet and kiwi sorbet today.


2010 Dec 18
On or way home from Christmas shopping we decided to stop in and get take out fish and chips. Staff were super friendly. We got a deal we thought. He only charged $7.99 for fish and chips which was advertised at $10.95 and he didn't have change so he gave us another $1 off. First off the fries were not edible. They had a rubbery stale consistency almost like the oil was not hot enough when he fried them up or they had been siting above warm oil all day. The fish was very good but again the batter was soaked in oil. Tartar sauce was super with a heavy dill flavour and salad excellent. It was 4:30pm when we picked up so I'm not sure if this is a lunch place and the frier was on econo or it was just an off day. On the positive side the produce in the store looked great.

2010 Aug 7
Fish & Chips at Cedars, and probably ranks among the best I've had in Ottawa.

I'm not convinced about the presentation though. What you see in the foreground is a huge pile of garlic sauce & hummus (with a little well of olive oil).
Sorry for the crappy iPhone picture.

I'll definitely get them again, but probably I'll get takeout and then slather them with malt vinegar & tartar sauce at home.