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2014 Aug 13
Really enjoyed the Shawarma I had for lunch. Went with the large and it was huge, delicious and not too greasy. Enjoyed how they offer cucumber and found it went well with the shawarma as I find the pickles make shawarma too salty for my taste. As mentioned here, the lady here is incredibly friendly, definitely recommend it if you're in the area.

2012 Jan 23
Ken V - I decided to try the large fully loaded for take out. My co-workers could not believe and size and weight of the sammy wrapped in foil. As usual, amazing flavour and talk about full supper needed tonight. That was the biggest sandwwich I have ever had !!! Amazing for the Price plus the Free desert !!

2012 Jan 19
She is back from holidays and open for business. Large chicken shawarma with the works minus cucumber. One giant sammy!

2011 Aug 21
With all the chatter about shawarma this week in the forums I had to get my monthly fix. We were greeted warmly by the female owner just as in our previous visit. We ordered two #1's (chicken shawarma sandwiches with everything on them and a side of potatoes with a giant dollop of garlic sauce). Food was consistent with our last visit TASTY! The pita was fresh as were the potatoes .The restaurant inside is kept very clean contrary to many other shawarma places we have visited in Ottawa. Great to see that the owner really cares about the appearance of her place and if you enjoyed your meal. She makes it a point to ask how everything was. The garlic is not that heavy while consuming it until you leave and are driving home with the realization oh man that garlic is getting stronger by the minute.

2011 Jun 13
As noted, the shawarma here is is better than most. Nicely spiced chicken, good marinated beef (not the gristly stuff on some shawarma house spits), flavourful rice with chunks of carrot, massive portions. Good garlic and hummus, eveything seems to have more complex flavours than other places. Super nice owner who gives free baclavas out seemingly for every order, asks if you want more of anything including the meat, she gave me free oj, makes fresh potatoes if you show up late, etc. This place definitely tops most of the chain options on Merivale rd, if you're shopping in the area. Cut down colonnade and you're here.

This is a mixed plate to go. You pick all the stuff you want in the salad, basically and it comes in a seperate container as you can see, no mini, corner salad here. The black olives are the canned kind but the pickles and turnip were really good. I believe this costs $10.85 and came with pita not in the pic.

2011 Apr 8
Dropped in last night for a light supper was the thinking. Ahead of us were a father and his son ordering. The teenager ordered a large combo trio. As I watched in astonishment at the giant sandwich being made I knew it was going to be a small for me. A small chicken wrap with a side of hummus and tabbouleh for my wife and a small combo trio for me consisting of the sandwich(chicken and beef) potatoes and a large dollop of garlic sauce. We were going to share a water but the woman making our sandwiches insisted on a water each. While the sandwiches were being made we were offered a piece of chicken each to try it out,then asked if there was enough chicken on our sandwiches. Don't be shy if you want more she said. The small is substantial. When going to sit we were again surprised as we were brought two baklava. Hummus definitely different that the usual big nutty flavor. After we ate we paid the bill. Small chicken wrap side of hummus and tabbouleh,combo trio,two waters,two baklava.The lady said lets just call it two combo trios $18. That was a deal. Just go with the flow here and you will leave happy.

2011 Mar 25
Well I guess the secert on this gem is out. I went today for the first time in a while and had the Trio with salad instead of potatoes and rice and just said "Sure everything in the Salad" I will have to take a picture next time - HUGH and with a great dressing - not too over powering. When I left, the line up was longer here then the Subway next door. Service is slow but attentive and well worth the wait !!! Again, the free home made Armenian Baklava that the owner gives out is always a nice touch. He even served a table of four some 'Armenian Coffee" in small cups that he worked on over an open flame in the back

2010 Dec 3
have not been there for a while. I would have to say that the potatoes have improved nicely, the garlic sauce is great and the owners added a nice touch. I tried eating in and instead of a large plate of just potatoes and garlic, she did a 50/50 of potatoes and Rice. Rice had added flavour with small pieces of veggies in it. Very nice but the size of the side plate was a regular plate full. I just had barely enough room for my sandwich was it GOOD !!! The free side desert was a nice touch as well. I like family run hidden gems to grab a bite at.

2010 Jun 10
Even better! Shawarma De Roza offers delivery! I found them on

What a cool site...enter your postal code and the restaurants that deliver to your area pop up!

Their food is sooo good! Nice and fresh, and for sure the owner makes you feel at home!

2010 Jun 9
Yes this place is interesting, definitely a bit different than the usual Lebanese shawarma. The female owner is very nice, makes you feel like you're dining at her place. She also gave me a complimentary piece of what appeared to be the Armenian equivalent to baklava - it was freshly made and very delicious. The potatoes were the only part of the meal I didn't enjoy, they were too pedestrian for me. The garlic sauce was potent and quite thick. The chicken and hummous both had a cumin like twang to them, which made this shawarma stand out, as well as the varied toppings. I recommend trying it out just for something different.