South-end pub and eatery. Family owned. Extensive menu with traditional pub fare as well as a few international dishes such as stir-fry. Weekend breakfast from 10-1. 5$ pounds of wings on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

O'Grady's Outpost
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2011 Mar 18
I am also a regular at O'Grady's and just tried the new mac n' cheese (they have a new menu.) Very creamy, loaded with bacon and garlic baguette on the side. Boyfriend had the famous enormous, juicy burger (preferred over the Works any day) and a Guinness. Like the previous commenter noticed, the service really is great and Stacy takes care of his customers.

2011 Mar 17
My husband and I are "regulars" at O'Grady's, and now rarely go to other pubs. The food is great - can't imagine a bad experience with the is always great. Soups are indeed home made! But food isn't the whole experience. The wait staff are great; always friendly and helpful. Stacy knows his customers and consistently delivers. Highly recommend that you check this place out.

2011 Feb 18
Decent pub food at this pub.
What a pleasant surprise we had at this pub this evening. Started with a Sam Adams lager and some wings. The wings were a good size lightly floured for a crispy skin and tossed in a hot sauce that I couldn't put my finger on. The beer battered fish were very good not heavy on the batter and cooked to a crispy perfection . The tartar sauce was heavy on the dill the way I like. Now to the fries. Exceptional! Fresh cut and crispy with big potato flavor next time in I will ask what type of potato they use. My only complaint was the portion size of the fish but that may just be food fatigue from American portion sizes we have been eating in Arizona. Great atmosphere pleasant service with a smile. We will be back soon. Bonus it's close to home.

2011 Jan 23
Dear New User 3332,
I'm the owner Of O'Gradys Outpost & appreciate your honest review of your last visit. I'm sorry the soup of the day wasn't up to par that day. I don't think it's fair to say that operations have taken a "huge dive" based on the soup. I can assure you all of the soups are made from scratch, no cans or boxes required. The fish & chips is still battered & prepared fresh to order. We're one of few pubs in the city who don't pre-batter & par fry our fish ahead of time. We do take pride in our home prepared food and go the extra mile to make fresh hand cut fries from whole Yukon Gold potatoes & freshly prepared burgers from real ground beef, when many just choose to serve a frozen product. I'm glad to see that some,such as yourself,can recognize the difference. O'Grady's will launch a new menu in the near future with many new entrees, sandwich & appetizer items. We look forward to opening our brand new patio this spring and I hope you give us another chance in the near future! I'll even pay the gas....

2010 Dec 5
Very disappointed in this Pub, What once was a great family pub, with excellent food has taken a huge dive in less than a month. I would assume they have went from homemade to bag and box. Their soups were so good I would drive in 45 minutes just to get my fix of hearty soups. Now I think I am having soup from a can with too much seasonings, very salty. My wife usually swore by their fish and chips but was also disappointed, their batter has changed almost had a freezer burnt taste. Maybe it was a bad night, but it was a Friday night and usually packed. We were one of only two tables at dinner hour. I don't think I will waste my gas to go back in the near future. Really too bad, especially for my belly.

2010 May 15
I'll join in singing the praises of O'Grady's Outpost. It's my local and a great traditional pub, with particularly good food that is better than average pub quality in my opinion.

The burgers are generous in size and delicious, and don't pass up the french fries - they are done in a chipwagon style, much better than your usual pub fry. Wraps and other sandwiches are good, and the jambalaya is excellent, but spicy! Too hot for me.

Soups of the day are generally pretty good, the wings are what you'd expect for a pub, and East Coast Wednesdays feature a generous piece of fish (haddock I think) with fries for about $10. The pitcher of Moosehead for $14 is pretty swell too.

The only food item I've found lacking is the pizza. It's a sort of medium-thick crust that could use more toppings and probably more time in the oven. Not done to my taste, at least.

O'Grady's doesn't have an official website, though there is a Facebook group and they're listed on Foursquare.

If you're near Greenboro, pass up Kelsey's, Montana's and the Works. This is your best choice for sandwiches/burgers/fries/beer.

2010 May 14
I was surprised that this pub does not have an entry yet, as it was voted #2 in the Best Pub Food in Metro Newspaper. This is a little pub in my south-end neighborhood (on the corner of Tapiola and Johnston). It is owned and operated by a very friendly family, the servers are all very friendly as well. I'm at O'Grady's at least once a week, most of the time for their Tuesday and Thursday wing special. They also have breakfast on the weekends which is stellar. My favourite is the Vienna sandwich, an egg, bacon and cheese on a garlic baguette, with homemade hashbrowns and fresh fruit.