Goonies has sandwiches, soups, muffins, milkshakes, breakfast items, and salads.

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Gooney's Sandwich Works
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2011 Apr 29
I LOVE their pickles here. They have this large jar of homemade pickles on the counter. They are only 99 cents and are huge, juicy and delicious! I get one every time! Yum!

2011 Mar 6
Last week while at Goonies, I snapped this shot of the salad ingredients selection.

Sweet eh?

2011 Feb 22
I am not going to go into detail, since I believe I already covered the detail below.

Pictured here is a ham sandwich on brown bread with the 'works' (onion, lettuce, tomato, spicy eggplant, mayo, olive oil and pickles). The quality of the cold meats at Goonies is very good and I stand by my comment that Goonies is in the top tier (I would say top 3) best sandwiches in Ottawa. The prices are competitive (maybe slightly higher) than La Bottega, but than again, Goonies has their amazing salads in addition to their amazing sandwiches (Iíll post a picture of a salad soon). I would have a hard time choosing which is better.

Of special mention is the "A Goos" sandwich: soprasata, roast beef and turkey(or chicken I think) with Swiss cheese.

Highly Recommended!!

2010 May 3
What can I say about Goonies other than it is great all around. I have eaten here numerous times considering I work less than a block from the Laurier and O'Conner location. Everything they serve is top notch and at a very decent price. It is one of the places to get a very decent Sandwich in Ottawa coming close to La Botega, and Nicastro's. I have had almost everything on the menu, so I'll try and break it down methodically.

Coffee = Great - its supposedly "fair trade" but who cares, its great coffee for $1 a cup. For breakfast, they have a huge variety of HUGE muffins that are freshly baked in house. They are moist and they have all sorts of flavors - it is leagues ahead of the garbage they serve at second cup or starbucks. Also for breakfast is a line of really affordable breakfast sandwiches. Bacon and Egg, BLT, Ham and Egg, PB and J all on normal loafs of white or brown bread. They are cheep at about 3 bucks a pop. The egg based sandwiches can be stacked with all of Goonies signature ingredients: eggplant, tomato, onion, mustard, lettuce, cucumber, pickle, hot peppers, mayo, olive oil, and italian seasoning. These sandwiches are simple, filling and cheep. But do not even compare to their lunch menu.

I'll start with the sandwiches: tons of options. Italian (salami, capicolo, prosciutto and mortadella with provolone) Tuna, Turkey, a goat cheese one, Thai etc etc (I don't remember them all, but they have many delicious sandwich choices served on a beautiful roll that is put through a quizno's style (except 1000x better than quizno's) toaster before the veggies and condiments are added.

Goonies is also famous for their salads - which are a hit with ladies and virtually everyone who works in the downtown core. It's a large portion, you can choose a predesigned salad, or you can fill out a form to make a custom salad. They have literally anything you would ever want in a salad and more. For example: artichoke hearts, corn, beets, shrimp, radishes, all sorts of seeds and nuts, capers, beans etc etc. on top of the normal salad ingredients you would find anywhere. I would say there are at least 30 things to choose from. The best part is how they assemble them - it is perfect every-time. They find all the ingredients you want, place them in a plastic bag, squirt in the dressing of your choice, and shake it up by hand, covering the whole salad with dressing. They then place it in a huge container and put a piece of bread on top to soak up the extra dressing.

The salads range from 4-8 bucks, and the sandwiches are all 5.99. With a sandwich you can pair it with soup or a small garden or Caesar salad (which are amazing in their own right). I recently had their chicken curry soup which was nice and mild, filling and full of flavor.

I highly recommend Goonies to any foodies out there. Great sandwiches, interesting salads, fast service, and very reasonable price, with your bill including a pop usually under 10 bucks.

4.5/5, Cheers,

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