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2010 Feb 14
This new Italian restaurant opened around late December. It is located on Merivale Road beside Shoppers Drug Mart. It seats about 40 people, 10 at the bar. It has a nice, bright interior, but can get a bit dark at night. What might bother me would be the cars headlights shining into the place when they park, and might really bother you if you sat at the window exposed to the light.
It is an open kitchen, so you can see the chefs working. The great thing is they make their bread, pastas, sauces and desserts from scratch.

The servers seemed very nice, very friendly.

They have separate menus for lunch and dinner. Lunch finishes at 2pm. The menu isn't too big, but would have something for everyone. I didn't see the wine list, but they have a nice variety that was displayed on the wall.

We started off with complimentary bread. It was a nice small bread loaf. The calamari had a nice taste to it. Not too oily, but the pieces were a bit small for my liking.
I ordered the linguine with prosciutto and mushrooms. my buddy had the spinach linguine with scallops and shrimp. We both enjoyed the homemade pasta, and the cream sauce was SO delicious that once my pasta was gone, I continued eating the sauce by itself. Next time I think I will try the spinach linguine.
My buddy had a mixed berry gelato, which was a NICE serving. I wish I accepted his offer of trying it.
Out bill, including a pop (free refills) and a beer (no free refills) came to $60 for dinner.

I will definitely eat here again. Hopefully they will stick around for a while. It's an odd area with limited offices, so maybe they can use some word of mouth. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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