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2013 Feb 14
I've been to Tavola twice,including last night, since the post that there was a new manager, and found it really good both times and relatively unchanged from my previous happy visits.

Can't speak to the bolognese sauce, since I've not tried it there, but the pasta and bread are both still house made and excellent. I like the veal parmigiana and the creamy pasta with prosciutto and mushrooms. Both were exactly as I remember them. In fact the only thing that seems to have changed is that the dipping oil for the hot homemade bread is by request now instead of waiting at each table.

So happily Tavola remains a wonderful option in an unexpected location despite any managerial changes that may have happened.

2012 Nov 5
I love Tavola! Will need to go check it out again obviously.

2012 Nov 5
This is upsetting. ...i LOVED their bolognese sauce...

Not that i'm doubting you M'Feet but i may have to go confirm for myself...

2012 Nov 2
I was told by a friend Tavola has changed managers. Looks like the sous chef is now the chef. They have set hours now instead of just "open for lunch or dinner". Apparently the veal and the bolongese sauces were kinda bland. Ask them to add parmasan, mushroom, and tomato sauce.
So when you go there now, dont expect much.

2012 Jun 3
Went to Tavola Friday night for dinner. To be honest, it was not our first choice, but I had left the planning up to hubby and the "planning" portion got missed ;)). Turned out to be a very nice evening: 5 star service, cosy spot and wonderful food. Started with warm bread that was delicious. My only complaint here was the butter--they serve these little foil square butter packets while I would have liked to see butter served in a small dish or something that doesn't say cafeteria....just a small observation. We then shared the calamari and it was nice and crispy. I had the chicken dish stuffed with spinach and procuttio with a mushroom sauce as my main. It was served with mashed potato and green beans. All of it was delicious and flavorful. Hubby asked our wonderful waitress if the chef could do a combination plate for him that included veal parmesan, cannelloni and lasagna. It was not on the menu but they were happy to oblige. All of it was very tasty and hubby's plate was empty. We were too stuffed for any dessert but I noticed that they state all of their sauces, pastas and desserts are made in house. Next time for dessert! Overall it was a great dinner at a reasonable price ($100 incld a glass of wine, beer, appetizer, mains, tax &tip) and we will certainly return.

2011 Nov 12
Dinner at Tavola last night for the first time in a few months, and first time ever on a weekend. Glad to see that it was so busy that there were people waiting for tables, and we decided to sit at the bar rather than wait. Meals and service at Tavola have always been consistently top notch, and last night was no exception. Perfect veal gorgonzola with toasted walnuts and a glass of the house ripasso.

The nice thing about sitting at the bar was that it afforded us a peek into the open kitchen, and to see the operation in action a bit. I think that the success of Tavola is in large part due to the friendly and efficient dining room manager. Last night she was greeting customers, waiting tables, marshalling both waitstaff and dishwashers, constantly communicating with the kitchen staff and doing it all with great style and personality. She checked on those dining to make sure they were happy with their meals, and frequently spoke with those who were waiting to give them accurate estimates of when their tables would be ready.

The food at Tavola is always very good, but the experience is greatly enhanced by the way the restaurant is managed so effectively.

2011 Aug 6
I just went to Tavola for dinner this evening and thought it was fantastic. The atmosphere was cozy and inviting, while the servers were very friendly and knowledgeable.

I loved the warm bread that was brought to the table at the beginning of the meal, and the oil that was provided for dipping. Each person gets their own mini loaf, which is great because the bread is so good I had no interest in sharing.

For my main, I had the linguine with mushrooms and prosciutto. It was so creamy and delicious I could not stop eating it even though I was getting quite full.

There is definitely something for everyone on this menu, and you can tell that a lot of care and attention goes into preparing each dish. I will surely be dining at Tavola again. :)

2011 Jan 6
Have been here 3 times and enjoyed all 3 visits. house made bread is always warm and a great way to start. Pasta is made in house and cooked perfectly and the veal dishes I have tried have all been quite good. I hope this place makes a go of it. Lively and friendly service and a nice atmosphere in a very surprising location.

2010 Nov 2
Food was awesome, Service was excellent

Had the pasta with parma ham and mushrooms. Unreal cream sauce.

Have been back several times and had the veal marsala. Traditionally made without the sugars found in North American Marsalas. It may have to do with the chef actually using Italian Marsala Fortified wine, instead of packet based sauces at other fake italian rip-offs.

Well done guys and maybe come up with a cheaper price point menu to get the crowds in. Spag and meatballs for under 12 dollars is a good start.

2010 Mar 5
After passing this place by numerous times while heading to Merivale Fish Market we decided to give it a try. Open concept with the kitchen in sight we were seated promptly. Our server was very pleasant and read us the specials from the board. Deciding on the Caprese,buffalo mozzarella, ripe tomatoes,fresh basil oil to start. Bread arrived with our app and the spiced olive oil on the table was very yummy. We then ordered our mains Fettucini with chicken,sun dried tomatoes,asparagus, in a parmesan cream sauce for me and Spinach linguini with pesto, pine nuts, fresh tomatoes for my wife. The flavours were fresh and prevalent and the pasta cooked perfectly. My only complaint was with portion size.